Music Wall Art, Part 2

Music Wall Art

Remember my first music wall art idea? Well, here’s part 2!

My roommates and I had a large blank space over our couch that was driving me insane! I didn’t want to buy any artwork from a big box store, so I decided to create my own. You can adapt this with your own favorite quote or lyric too! Here’s how to do it.

What You Will Need:

1. An old picture frame. You can find old picture frames at thrift stores or garage sales! I used the same frame that I used in my Old Frame + Scarf = Masterpiece post, but I spray painted it brown. I liked it, but it was time for something new! Remember, spray paint is not the greenest craft supply, so opt for low VOC spray paint if you can.

2. Sheet music or other recycled paper (newspaper, book pages, etc.)

3. Glue. If you can, use eco-glue or one of our recipes for natural glue.

4. Water

5. Scissors

6. Scrap Cardboard that’s large enough to fit in your frame.

7. Any embellishments you would like to add. Like I mentioned before, I added the lyrics “It is Well,” but you could add your own favorite quote or lyric. I used scrapbook paper left over from another project and my electronic cutting machine. Conventional scrapbook paper is not always the greenest craft supply, so if you can, opt for products like the Green Stack Collection, Eco-Friendly Recycled Scrapbook Paper, and Recycled Kraft Paper for Scrapbooking.

How To Do It:

1. Mix glue and a little bit of water in a small jar/cup. I always eye-ball mine, but you will want your mixture to be the consistency of soup.

2. Cut your cardboard to the size of your frame.

3. With a small paint brush, paint your glue mixture onto your cardboard. Then, place your recycled paper onto the cardboard and paint more glue on top of the paper. Continue to glue and place your paper small sections at a time. This is how mine looked once I was finished:

Music Wall Art

4. Once your pages are dry, cut the excess paper off around your cardboard.

Music Wall Art

5. Add your embellishments. I glued these directly onto the recycled paper.

6. Once your embellishments are dry, place your cardboard into your frame. My frame didn’t have any glass or backing, so I simply taped my cardboard to the frame. (This picture is before I added embellishments.)

Music Wall Art

Now you can hang up your frame and enjoy your beautiful piece of art!

I love it because I used items that I had on hand and didn’t have to spend any money! What art could you create with items you have on hand? Share your ideas in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

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