40 Awesome Summer Crafts for Kids!

40 Awesome Summer Crafts for Kids!School is out and it’s time to find summer crafts for kids! Here are 40 incredible kids crafts and activities to keep your kids entertained and engaged!

Can you believe it is summer already? It seems like time has flown by! While I don’t have children, I know that a lot of parents struggle to keep their children entertained, active, and learning over the summer. Rather than having your children watch TV or play with electronic devices, connect, interact, engage, and encourage creativity! Below are 40 awesome kids crafts and activities to help you get started!

1. Soap carving for kids

2. Rainbow bubble snakes

3. Create an egg carton caterpillar

4. Make a sandy handprint keepsake

5. Recycle tin cans into a fun game

6. Create sand art in recycled containers

7. DIY popsicle stick bracelets

8. Turn an old tennis racket into a butterfly net

9. Recycle a water bottle into bubble fun

10. Make a kid’s walking stick

11. Tin can wind chime

12. Create a summer memory jar

13. Recycle a two liter bottle into a wind spinner

14. DIY bubble solution

15. Upcycle a plastic bag into a kite

16. Make your own plaster of paris figurines

17. Wine cork boats (use recycled paper instead of new paper)

18. Five natural crafts to make using seashells

19. CD sun catcher

20. Create a fabulous pinata

21. Crafts for kids under one year: sensory play

22. 13 easy sewing projects just for kids

23. DIY bug barn from a mason jar

24. Make a DIY mosaic

25. Create decoupaged building blocks

26. Fruit and vegetable stamping

27. Build newspaper structures

28. Chocolate and peanut butter playdough (that’s edible)

29. Make your own fingerpaint with kitchen ingredients

30. Recycled cardboard pendants

31. Make recycled crayons

32. DIY modeling beeswax

33. Toilet paper roll binoculars

34. Make bird feeders from natural and recycled materials

35. Have fun with tie dye

36. Create recycled cardboard animals

37. Make “natural paintbrushes”

38. 21 cool math games from natural and recycled materials

39. Cardboard tube coiled snakes

40. DIY chalkboard toys

Which summer craft do you want to try first? What summer crafts do your kids enjoy the most? Share with us in the comment section below — we’d love to hear from you!

[Photo credit: Little Girl Playing Outdoors via Shutterstock]

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