How To: Create a Summer Memory Jar

How To: Create a Summer Memory Jar

I’ve always adored Julie’s Beach Craft: Sandy Handprint Keepsake, so when I visited the beach last week, I tried to think of other ways to display my summer adventures. I remembered this Create Your Bubble Gum Machine tutorial and adapted it to hold my summer memories!

What You Will Need:

How To: Create a Summer Memory Jar

1. 1 small terracotta pot with the water tray that goes with it

2. 1 small glass bowl (I bought the terracotta pot, tray, and glass bowl at garage sales for a total of 75 cents!)

3. 1 cabinet door knob

4. Industrial strength glue

5. Low VOC spray paint

6. Summer memories (shells, sand, etc.)

How To Do It:

1. Paint the terracotta pot and the tray the color of your choice. Like I always say, light coats of spray paint will give you the best results!

2. Once the terracotta pot and tray have completely dried, glue the glass bowl to the bottom of the terracotta pot.

3. Then, glue the cabinet door knob to the terracotta tray. Follow the directions on your glue packaging to see how long it needs to dry before use.

How To: Create a Summer Memory Jar

4. Place your summer memories in the glass bowl. I put sand from the beach and then put shells on top.

How To: Create a Summer Memory Jar

Put your “lid” on top of the glass bowl, and you have a unique and fun summer memory jar. My Mom is a teacher and she plans on having each of her students create one at the beginning of the year. You could also store/display craft supplies in it, just like I put buttons in a bubble gum machine. You might want to put candy or some yummy vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in it, too!

What would you use it for? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!

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