How To: Make a Kid’s Walking Stick

How To: Make a Kid's Walking Stick

Are you and your children hiking or exploring the outdoors this summer? Create a fun walking stick for all of their outdoor adventures!

My cousins, ages 10 and 12, came to visit me this week. They decided they needed walking sticks for our outdoor activities (we’re hiking several falls and mountains in the area). I thought their idea was so brilliant and they had so much fun creating them, that it was worth sharing!

What You Will Need:

1. A large stick

2. Low VOC spray paint

3. Painter’s tape

4. Sand paper

How To Do It:

1. Find your stick. I live in a wooded area, so large sticks are easy to find. The boys loved exploring to find the “perfect” stick.

How To: Make a Kid's Walking Stick

2. Clean your stick and remove any of the bark if you’d like. They removed the bark from the top so it would be smooth to hold.

3. Sand it. Especially focus on the part that you’ll be holding.

How To: Make a Kid's Walking Stick

4. Paint or decorate your stick.Β They both painted their sticks a base color and then taped off a “candy cane” design.Β I let the boys do this part completely by themselves and I was so impressed by their creativity. Plus, it gave them confidence and even more joy to show others their work.

How To: Make a Kid's Walking Stick

Once your stick is dry, you’re ready to go hiking and/or exploring. Today, we’re going to climb Stone Mountain and the boys are so excited about using their walking sticks!

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