Crafts for Kids Under One Year: Sensory Play

Crafts for Kids: Sensory Play for Babies

Most crafts for kids are aimed at ages two and up, but you can do this sensory play activity with babies eight months an older.

Ever since I got pregnant, I have been dreaming of the day that I could finally craft with my son. Seriously, this kid is in for it when he’s big enough to hold a paint brush without trying to eat it.

My little guy just turned nine months old, and when your kid is under one year, there aren’t a ton of craft for kids that are appropriate for them. This project is maybe more an activity than a craft, so let’s just call it a “pre-craft.”

This pre-craft is based on this sensory play activity from Mama Smiles. The big change that I made to make this more age-appropriate was the sort of flour. My son ate quite a bit of the chickpea flour that we used, so I was happy that I chose it.

I used chickpea flour instead of cornmeal, because corn is a common allergen, andΒ  some experts say not to give babies corn until they’re 10 months old. Others say 8-10 months is OK for introducing corn, so the type of flour that you choose is totally up to you. I will say that this is my first child, and I’m taking things very slowly and cautiously with him. Do what you’re comfortable with. I will not judge!

Sensory Play

Sensory Play: Flour Art


  • high chair with a high-sided tray or a tray with high sides that can go on your high chair/a low table.
  • chickpea flour – at least 1 cup
  • a dustpan and a wet rag, for cleanup


1. Dump the flour onto the tray, then sit your little one in front of it. If the tray isn’t attached to your surface, you’ll want to supervise this closely, so your kid doesn’t dump the whole thing onto the floor. Don’t get me wrong – there will still be plenty of flour on the floor – but a big spill is still no fun!

2. Show your child how you can draw in the flour with your finger or with a baby spoon. Smooth it out and draw more shapes, so he can see how to play with the flour. Then, kick back and watch.

My kid played in his chair for almost an hour, and he had so much fun! There was flour caked on his clothes, all over his face, in his lap, and of course all over the floor. The cleanup was so worth it to watch him figure out this activity and make hand prints in the flour and laugh.

Have you done any crafts for kids with babies under one year? I’d love to hear about other activities that I can try with my guy!

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