Create Sand Art in Recycled Containers

Create Sand Art in Recycled ContainersIt may not be the 1980s anymore, but it is summer. But really, do you ever need an excuse for kitsch?

Sand art, the practice of layering colored sand into glass jars, may seem a little nostalgic, but I assure you, it’s still around. However, children’s sand art kits tend to be very eco-unfriendly, with their inclusion of plastic containers instead of glass, and the other main outlet for sand art, the wedding market, can get pricey fast.

Fortunately, with the generous use of natural, recycled, or stash components, you can make sand art that’s eco-friendly, practically free, and centered on your own personal style. The first thing that you want to look for is a container that can be recycled.

Glass, from Mason jars to test tubes to wine glasses, are always beautiful, but that perfectly clear #6 plastic, whether it comes in the shape of a travel-sized shampoo bottle or a take-out container, is also beautiful, and gives your work the look of found art.

You can make colored sand, buy it new, or, if you’re lucky, thrift it (our six pounds of rainbow colors came from Goodwill), but to make it go farther, you can alternate layers with some of your stash craft supplies. At our house, we used up the last of the glitter making a few sparkly layers, but a layer or two of leftover buttons, beads, fish tank rocks, or other small supplies could make a piece look even more at home in your home.

For a perfectly natural centerpiece, however, consider forgoing artificially colored sand altogether. How about a layer of natural sand, alternated with a layer of dirt from the garden, and a layer of river rocks from the nearby creek, and a layer of wood chips from the fallen branches in your backyard? Completely beautiful, completely personal, and completely natural.

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