Discarded Dreams: Mattress Upcycle Contest!

Discarded Dreams Contest Logo Ever wonder what you could do with an old mattress? It’s pretty easy to think of ways to reused discarded clothing and bottles and cans, but a mattress?

That is the challenge set forth in Open Architecture Network’s contest: Discarded Dreams.

With over 40 million mattresses discarded every year in the U.S., this challenge asks that over 80% of the mattress be reused. Careful consideration should be made to the mattress’ deconstruction, as the Open Architecture Network is looking for a way to divert these mattresses away from the landfill and into new life.

This challenge might be out of the range of some crafters, but nonetheless, it got me to thinking about this very cool vest that I saw a while back. Craftster user ashabelle, took the top of a mattress and made a vest out of the padding.

This is just some of the genius that I expect to see in the entries of the Discarded Dreams Contest but on a bigger scale. Can you think of other ways to reuse mattresses?

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