How-to: Make Your Own Fingerpaint with Kitchen Ingredients [video]

how to make fingerpaint

What kiddo doesn’t love to fingerpaint, right? The thing about commercial fingerpaints is they are often full of not-so-natural ingredients, including petroleum products, and the packaging is none to green, either. Rather than deal with plastic packaging and questionable ingredients, you can make your own finger paint with ingredients that you probably have in the kitchen right now!

All you need are corn starch, water, salt, vegetable glycerine, and food coloring. Check out the video to see how to make your own fingerpaints right in your kitchen!

The only ingredient I’d possibly change out here is the food coloring. Food coloring isn’t super healthy for kids. In fact, scientists have linked food coloring in kids’ diets with ADHD. No, thank you! Instead, opt for vegetable-based food colorings. If you don’t want to spring for those, you can also make your own vegetable food coloring.

Image Credit: Fingerpaint photo via Shutterstock

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