DIY Christmas Ornaments: Fabric Scrap Pom Pom

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Fabric Scrap Pom Pom

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Fabric Scrap Pom Pom

You can use a simple pom pom-making technique to turn your fabric scraps into sweet DIY Christmas ornaments!

There’s something about a pom pom that’s just so festive, isn’t there? What I love about these DIY Christmas ornaments is that you can make them from totally reclaimed materials, and they fit into the category that I call “couch crafts.” Sewing – my craft of choice – is not a couch craft. There’s lots of standing and moving around. You can make these DIY Christmas ornaments on the sofa, though, with a glass of wine and a good movie on the TV. So relaxing!

You only need a couple of simple supplies to make these DIY Christmas ornaments:

  • fabric scraps that are at least 6″ long
  • pinking shears
  • an empty pint glass
  • thin cardboard (an old cereal box is perfect)
  • pen or pencil
  • paper and fabric scissors
  • one 6″ long piece of yarn

Oh! And that glass of wine and your favorite Christmas movie. These are mission critical.


1. Cut your fabric scraps into 1/2″ strips using your pinking shears. The pieces need to be 6″ long or longer, and about 1/2″ wide. You can use narrower pieces, if you like. You can also use scrap ribbon, twine, ric rac, or anything else that’s long, skinny, and flexible from your stash. Get creative!

2. Make your pom pom form. Grab your pint glass, and place it upside-down on your cardboard. Trace two circles using the top of the glass, and cut them out. Then, cut the centers out of your circles to make two cardboard doughnuts.

3. Hold the doughnuts together, and start wrapping! Wrap your skinny fabric all the way around. When one piece of fabric runs out, just grab another. As long as you wrap tightly, your scraps should stay put. Just keep wrapping – the more you wrap, the fuller your pom pom will be.

DIY Christmas Ornaments Steps 2-3

4. When you’ve wrapped it to your satisfaction, grab your scissors and slide them between the two pieces of cardboard. Carefully snip all the way around your circle.

5. When you’ve snipped it all the way around, work your piece of yarn between the two discs. Tie the yarn into a very tight knot, then slide the cardboard off of your pom pom.

DIY Christmas Ornaments Steps 3-5

6. Give the whole thing a fluff and trim, and you’re ready to hang it on your tree!

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