Valentine’s Day Crafts: A Beautiful Recycled Centerpiece!

Valentine's Day Crafts: A Beautiful Recycled Centerpiece!

Decorate your dinner table with Valentine’s Day crafts like this beautiful recycled centerpiece!

Do you remember my sheet music treeΒ that I created a few years ago? It’s one of my favorite craft projects and I still use it as a centerpiece on my dining room table. I wanted to mix it up for Valentine’s Day, though, so I created a spin-off of the same idea that screams “love!” The best part of all? It’s super easy to make!

What You Will Need:

1. Sticks

2.Β Low VOC spray paint

3. Recycled paper. I used sheet music, but you could use book pages, magazine pages, or newspaper, too.

4. Scissors

5. A pencil

6. Hot glue/hot glue gun

7. A large jar or vase

How To Do It:

1. Go outside and find a group of sticks. Make sure you find ones that have a few branches attached– this will make your arrangement seem full.

2. Lay your sticks out on a drop cloth and spray paint them red. You might have to do several coats and rotate them a couple of times to get full coverage. Remember with spray paint that several light coats will give you better results than one heavy coat.

3. While your sticks dry, draw lots of various-sized hearts on your recycled paper.

4. Cut them out. (Optional: color your hearts pink for even more colorful fun!)

5. Once your sticks are completely dry, arrange them in a large jar or vase. Then, hot glue the paper hearts to the branches.

Valentine's Day Crafts: A Beautiful Recycled Centerpiece!

Isn’t it adorable? I hope to have a Valentine’s Day get-together (my annual “All the Single Ladies” party– yes, be jealous) to show off this cutie along with my new Valentine’s Day recycled wreath.

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