Three Dozen DIY Wind Chimes

It’s easy to have beautiful music outside your house on any windy day. All you have to do is find your favorite DIY wind chime tutorial from my list, below, and make it!

1. Agate Wind Chime

This is a very beautiful and very decorative wind chime made from agate slices. I think I’d put mine in an enclosed porch and use it as much as a suncatcher as a windchime!

2. Aluminum Can Wind Chime

Aluminum cans make a lot of noise, but they’re easy and fun for kids to paint, and bright and blocky and appealing when they’re finished. Put them on a kid’s outdoor play structure or in another wide-open space.

3. Bamboo Wind Chime

You know somebody who knows somebody who planted bamboo and now regrets it. Offer to cut some and they’ll be thrilled–and you can make this windchime!

4. Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Here’s an upcycled wind chime that doesn’t have to cost you a penny to make, if you’ve got some friends who’ll save their bottle caps for you.

5. Buttons And Can Lids

The buttons make it colorful, and the can lids make the music!

6. Can Lids

I love the way that can lids lend themselves to all kinds of embellishments … and they’re musical!

7. Chains

In this tutorial, the chain wind chime is made in the shape of a heart.

8. Clay And Wood

Do you have access to a pottery studio? If so, you can make lots of lovely clay shapes and turn them into wind chimes!

9. Colander Planter And Wind Chime

Even your garden supplies can multi-task with this wind chime that’s also a planter.

10. Cookie Cutter Wind Chime

Here’s a small wind chime for a small space!

11. Copper Tubing And A Ceramic Pot

A minimalist, industrial-looking wind chime is waiting for you! All you need to make it are an old ceramic pot and the copper tubing leftover from your last home project.

12. Earrings

Do you have some big, bold earrings that you no longer wear? They probably want you to turn them into a wind chime!

13. Gas Cylinder Wind Chime

Got an old oxygen or helium tank? It will make a very interesting wind chime!

14. Jar Lids

The particular wind chime in this tutorial wouldn’t hold up to the elements, so trade the delicate contact paper for glass or simply leave the jar lids unfilled.

15. License Plate

A license plate is a really fun base for a DIY wind chime.

16. Mason Jar Wind Chime

I LOVE this wind chime! Mason jars are surprisingly sturdy, so even though this wind chime has a lot of glass in it, you don’t have to worry too much about breakage.

17. Mosaic Tiles

Asking around will often get you a free assortment of leftover mosaic tiles. Otherwise, your local Restore will likely have inexpensive tiles for sale.

18. Plastic Easter Egg Wind Chime

This blogger recreated the look of an expensive (and delicate!) ceramic fish wind chime using plastic Easter eggs!

19. Pressed Penny Wind Chime

Whether you use souvenir pressed pennies or pennies that you smash yourself, this is a fun, bright, and gentle-sounding wind chime to make with them.

20. Rolling Pin

Have you ever seen a rolling pin repurposed in such a creative way?

21. Sea Glass

Combine sea glass with shells and driftwood for a very beachy and musical vibe.

22. Shells And Driftwood

Here’s another wind chime that is lovely but not too noisy. Use hemp twine instead of fishing line, and it will also be made entirely of natural materials.

23. Spindle Wind Chime

There are a ton of awesome things that you can do with vintage spindles, and this wind chime is just one of them!

24. Stamped Spoon Wind Chime

If you want to stamp spoons instead of painting them, look for vintage spoons that are not made of stainless steel for this windchime.

25. Stash Beads

Raid your bead bins for the supplies to make this easy and colorful wind chime.

26. Sticks

What could be simpler or more natural than a wind chime made entirely of sticks? Add paint or any other embellishments to make this wind chime fancy, or keep it plain to show off the beauty of the wood.

27. Teapot Wind Chime

A teapot makes such a pretty base for a wind chime. Use little spoons and glass beads to embellish it!

28. Terracotta Pot Wind Chime

Terracotta pots are actually a lot more delicate than Mason jars, so don’t put this wind chime anywhere exceptionally windy. But it’s a lot of fun to paint!

29. Tin Man Wind Chime

If this inspires you to make your entire garden Wizard of Oz-themed, then send me so many pictures of it!

30. Toy Xylophone Wind Chime

Give that old toy xylophone a new life making even more beautiful music.

31. Tree Branch And Keys

Here’s a wind chime that won’t be annoyingly noisy, because the sole musical elements are keys.

32. Upcycled Aluminum Can And Silverware Wind Chime

diy wind chime

This is a really fun wind chime to make completely from upcycled materials. There’s lots of space to paint and embellish here, so it’s an exceptionally good project for those feeling exceptionally artistic.

33. Upcycled Plastic Lids

This wind chime has a big and bold look but makes a tiny noise. Perhaps that’s the perfect wind chime for YOU!

34. Vintage Keys

If you have some vintage keys in your stash, and some white or metal elements to add to them, this would be the perfect wind chime to put in a covered porch.

35. Washers

Use twine or chain instead of wire for this wind chime; both will allow the washers to have more contact, making you more beautiful music!

36. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

This wind chime is similar to the Mason jar one, above, but maybe you have more wind bottles than vintage mason jars lying around.

Have you ever made a really cool wind chime out of natural or upcycled materials? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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