35 Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles

How to Cut Glass Bottles

The best part of reusing empty wine bottles is that you won’t have that big bin of them sitting out on your curb for all of your neighbors to look at on Recycling Day.

Also, wine bottles are made of EXCELLENT glass, nice and sturdy and lovely. There are tons of ways to reuse empty wine bottles that utilize that strength and show off that beauty–check out the list below to find your next favorite project!

cutting a glass bottle

1. How To Cut A Wine Bottle I review a few ways that don’t work great, and then I show you THE way that does!

2. How To Flatten A Glass Bottle Find a friend with a kiln!

3. Planter I love the way that this planter shows off the plant’s entire growth process if you use a clear glass bottle. Don’t want to see dirt? Use a brown bottle!

4. Time Capsule You don’t have to toss this into the ocean (seriously, don’t do that!); an empty wine bottle will keep your treasures safe anywhere until you’re ready to rediscover them.

5. Tissue Paper Decoupaged Bottles These bottles would be lovely with a hole cut in the bottom and a candle or twinkle lights inserted.

Tissue Paper Decoupaged Glass Bottles

6. Wine Bottle Torch THIS is how you completely revamp your outdoor living spaces.

7. How To Put Twinkle Lights In A Wine Bottle Rarely is such a lovely product made with such a simple method.

8. Succulent Planter A wine bottle is the perfect size for a succulent planter–you just have to cut out the middle!

9. Wall Vase I think that this wall vase would also look really good with part of the top of the bottle cut off so that it isn’t such a narrow opening.

10. Sheet Music Decoupaged Bottle This project would make a great gift for a music lover!

sheet music decoupaged wine bottle

11. How To Remove The Label From A Wine Bottle This is a necessary first step to most wine bottle projects, and it has the benefit of also removing the label cleanly, so you can upcycle even that for another project!

12. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder You need some woodworking skills to complete this bird feeder, but imagine how happy the birds will be when you’re done!

13. Wine Bottle Shelves These are not shelves made FOR wine bottles, but shelves made FROM wine bottles. They’re brilliant.

14. Wine Bottle Snowman It’s a little too “Chicken in a Bonnet” for me, personally, but hey, if you’re into it, then THIS is the website for you!

15. Faux Sea Glass Bottles You do have to use special spray paint for this effect, but the results are worth it!


16. Chalkboard-Painted Wine Bottles These bottles make great labels for items on a party buffet.

17. Ombre Frosted Glass Wine Bottle This look is similar to the faux sea glass look, but with the added interest of ombre.

18. Pendant Lamp Instead of flat-back glass marbles, you could also decorate your wine bottle with any of the painting techniques in this list.

19. Stenciled And Glittered Wine Bottle After you finish this embellishment, you can then use any of the other tutorials here to upcycle your wine bottle.

20. Color-Blocked Wine Bottle In this tutorial, the wine bottle is used as a bud vase, but I think you could do all kinds of things with it–the beauty is in that paint job!


21. Bottle Tree A wine bottle tree is a fun garden decoration that reuses a TON of bottles.

22. Chandelier If you don’t want to paint your wine bottles, simply source them in different colors to make a lovely, variegated chandelier.

23. Garden Edging Just don’t put this someplace where your lawnmower can run over it!

24. Hanging Herb Garden You might even have the copper tubing that you need hanging out in your garage, leftover from a previous project.

25. Wine Bottle Fence This outdoor project lets you hide something unsightly while still letting in the light.

26.  Book Page Monogrammed Bottle I love that this bottle isn’t completely decoupaged, but painted and decoupaged with just one simple image. The effect is a lot cleaner and more sophisticated than with many decoupage projects.

27. Lace-Embellished Wine Bottle I sometimes find old lace at flea markets–this would be a lovely way to show it off!

28. Faux Mercury Glass Bottle It’s challenging to get the mercury paint inside the bottle, but the effect is worth it.

29. Rings You can even do these in a microwave kiln!


30. Etched Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser Your kitchen sink will look a lot classier with this custom soap dispenser next to it.

31. Hummingbird Feeder This wine bottle hummingbird feeder is a lot cuter than the plastic store-bought ones.

32. Light Shade This beautiful shade for a hanging lamp reminds me of the stained glass lampshade in my grandparents’ house.


33. Tumbler All of my drinking glasses are either Mason jars or wine bottles that I’ve cut down myself. It’s pretty great!

34. Wind Chimes Use your favorite method for cutting your wine bottle, then scroll down the tute to learn how to actually make the wind chimes.

35. Citronella Candle Keep those mosquitoes away!


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