45 Ways To Make Felt Flowers Without A Cricut

felt flower bouquet

Felt is one of our most versatile crafting resources. It’s got something for everyone!

Prefer to craft only with non-animal materials? Eco-fi felt, made from recycled plastic bottles, is sold everywhere!

Prefer to craft only with natural materials? Wool felt is for you!

Prefer to upcycle your own materials, directly diverting consumables from the waste stream? You’re going to love felting old wool sweaters!

If you like to sew, you can sew felt. If you want to learn how to sew, well, felt doesn’t ravel, so it’s a great material to learn on. If you hate sewing, felt is also sturdy enough to handle glue–heck, you could staple it if you wanted to!

You can make anything you can think of out of felt (and some days, I feel like I already have!), but some of the most surprisingly fun–and surprisingly lovely!–things that you can make are felt flowers. Maybe you need a brooch or maybe you need a bridal bouquet; either way, before you buy fresh flowers (if you want to make yourself sad, research the carbon impact of buying imported exotic fresh flowers), and way before you even consider buying petroleum-based artificial flowers, check out my round-up of my favorite felt flower tutorials.

You’ll see some deceptively simple ways to make felt flowers, you’ll see some exquisitely beautiful felt flowers that are work-intensive but worth it, and you may well see a way to make felt flowers that make you want to ditch every other option. Read on and find out!

Note: A LOT of felt flower tutorials rely on the use of a Cricut, Sizzix, or another die-cutting machine. I don’t have one of those, and so I didn’t put any tutorials that call for them in this round-up.

1. Anemones

Making a felt flower that matches a real flower is a more exacting process, but if you’re not bound to realism, there’s no harm in getting creative with your color choices.

2. Autumn Felt Flower Wreath


The color choices for this wreath make it especially suited to autumn, but I think it would work well displayed year-round.

3. Calla Lily

The pattern and tutorial for this felt calla lily is surprisingly simple, considering how sophisticated it looks!

4. Camelia

I think the camelia also looks interesting and unusual, but it’s also easy to make.

5. Bookmark


You can use almost any of the flowers in this round-up to make one of these bookmarks.

6. Cloud Flower

If you can cut a circle, you can make this flower.

7. Dahlia

The petals that you cut for this dahlia are similar to the ones for the sunflower, below, so you might as well make them both while you’re at it!

8. Felt And Pom Pom Flower


A pom pom center takes a lot of the work out of crafting a felt flower while keeping much of the same look.

9. Daisy

For these daisies, I have the most fun choosing the craziest colors I can find.

10. Fabric-Covered Button And Felt Flowers

Fabric-covered buttons aren’t often used in tutorials, which makes this one even more special!

11. Felt And Vinyl Kumquat Wreath


Definitely do not go out and buy vinyl for this project! This vinyl project is included here because it’s quite possible to upcycle a similar look from, say, a tablecloth, old outerwear, car upholstery, etc.

12. Felt And Yarn Flower Pin

I love the look of yarn added to these felt flowers, and the addition allows you to use up one more stash supply.

13. Felt Dandelions

You have to get the color just right on this, but when you do, these felt dandelions are shockingly realistic!

14. Felt Flower Crown


A felt flower crown is a wonderful addition to a costume or music festival outfit.

15. Felt Flower Garland

I hit up the Wayback Machine to rescue this tutorial from the hidden archives of the internet for you! Now you can make a zillion flowers and then show them all off at once on this DIY garland.

16. Felt Flower Pins

Make these felt flowers, then continue following the tutorial to see how to add a pin to make them even more versatile.

17. Felt Flowers In Less Than One Minute

Hot glue is the secret ingredient in allowing you to whip out these felt flowers so quickly. I love that the author glues the finished flowers to a found tree branch; wool and wood work so well together!

18. Felt Flower Mini Hoop Wreath


Turn your handmade flowers into wall art!

19. Felt Flowers On Twigs

These flowers might take a little longer to craft than a minute, but there are more ideas for mounting them onto twigs for that all-natural look.

20. Felt Flower Pincushion

This felt flower will earn its keep!

21. Felt Leaf Garland


As beautiful as all of these flowers are, many of their tutorials skimp on the greenery. Get creative with this felt leaf garland to fix that!

22. Flower Barrettes

Make beautiful felt flowers, then add them to barrettes.

23. Flowers And Leaves

This tutorial asks you to print the templates onto freezer paper. Ironing freezer paper to the felt will, indeed, make the fiddly little flower petals easier to cut out, but I’ve found that sometimes the freezer paper pulls too hard at the felt when I remove it. I suspect that this happens mostly when I’ve used low-quality felt, but it’s not a result that I’m willing to risk just for easier cutting.

24. Fluffiest Felted Wool Flowers

I really like this method because it has you put the wool back in the dryer to felt some more mid-way through the process. Yes, it’s an extra step and adds extra time to the project, but the result is some EXTRA fluffy flowers.

25. Folded Felt Flowers


A little bit of origami does interesting things to these flowers!

26. Free Felt Flower Pattern

A lot of felt flower tutorials ask you to eyeball the pieces that you cut out, but not this one!

27. Gathered And Stitched Flowers

Most of the flowers in this round-up can be either sewn or glued, but these flowers require hand-stitching to make the distinctive gathers.

28. Gerbera Daisy

I love these special daisies in real life, and also in felt!

29. Mini Felt Flowers


These tiny little felt flowers are perfect for dolls, greeting cards, or hair embellishments.

30. Mums

Mums are a change of pace, as the method to make these is quite different from the way that you make most of the other felt flowers in this round-up.

31. Ornaments

Turn any of these felt flowers into ornaments!

32. Peony


This felt peony has a lot of parts, and it’s a bummer that you have to eyeball the pieces if you don’t want to pay for the templates, but I LOVE peonies, and it’s totally worth it to be able to keep these forever!

33. Poinsettia

Here’s another flower with a free downloadable pdf template to make it easy.

34. Poppy

Keep your Remembrance Day poppy all year round.

35. Rolled Flowers


You’ll be surprised at how many types of flowers you can make using this one method!

36. Rose

There are lots of pieces involved in making this felt rose, but the realistic results are worth it.

37. Shamrock

A shamrock isn’t quite a flower, sure, but it still fits our theme!

38. Stacked Flowers

Because you cut out creative shapes and stack them to make these button-topped flowers, they make a great kid craft or craft for a group.

39. Stacked Flowers With Patterns Included


Don’t stress out if you don’t feel like thinking up your own creative shapes, but you still want to make easy stacked felt flowers. Just use these free patterns!

40. Sunflower

There’s a bit of gluing and a bit of stitching involved in making this felt flower, but having your own sunflower that never wilts will be worth it!

41. Tropical Felt Flowers

These flowers have a far smaller carbon footprint than importing fresh tropical flowers.

42. Succulents


Honestly, the main difference between a felt succulent and many of these felt flowers is the colorway. Try making one of these succulents in bright flower colors, or try making one of the other felt flowers from this round-up in muted succulent colors.

43. Wool Roving Flowers

This tutorial is quite different, in that instead of starting with ready-made felt, you’ll be starting with wool roving and felting it into your flowers.

44. Needle Felted Flowers

If you like the idea of starting with wool roving but you want to make it easier on yourself, check out this tutorial. Its secret trick? A cookie-cutter!

45. Yarn Wreath With Felt Flowers

Want to make felt flowers, but you’re not sure what you’ll do with them? I love this tutorial, because not only does it show you exactly how to make felt flowers, but it also shows you how to make a yarn wreath to put them on!

Want to do even more with felted wool sweaters? Check out this list of my favorite felted wool sweater crafts!

Want to do even more with Eco-fi recycled felt? Becky has you covered with her list of recycled felt crafts.

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