30 Stash-Busting, Scrappy Ribbon Crafts

DIY Ribbon Hangers

Life is too short to guiltily hoard a drawer full of ribbon bits and bobs and scraps and ends (*awkwardly raises hand*). I know you probably acquired all of that gorgeous ribbon to use in projects especially meant for it, but with a little inspiration–which I’m about to provide!–you can find lots of beautiful, useful ways to use up those ribbon scraps…

…and leave room in that drawer for more craft supplies that you can guiltily hoard.

Check out the tutorials below and let me know which is your favorite!

1. Bead and ribbon dragonflyChoose a high-quality ribbon and use your beaded dragonfly as a hair ornament the next time you dress fancy.

2. Cardigan sweater remakeDo you have enough ribbon to line two halves of a sweater? If so, welcome to your brand-new cardigan!

sweater to cardigan

3. ChandelierI love how kid-friendly and open-ended this project is. And as the post shows, it’s perfect for collaborating within a group.

4. Christmas tree ornamentIf you’ve got lots of green ribbon scraps in your stash, this is a fun and easy ornament to make.

5. Curly ribbon hair bowsA bin of ribbon scraps is a bin of future hair bows! I LOVE the method used here to make the ribbons stay tightly curled.

6. EmbroideryYou guys, you can EMBROIDER with skinny ribbons! Here are tons of tricks and tutes for embroidering with ribbons.


7. Flat bow for scrapbooking and card makingI’m already a fan of handmade cards, so I’m really into the idea of using itsy bitsy ribbon scraps to make bows that will lie flat and not increase my postage.

8. Gift-wrapping bowsIf you’ve got some wired ribbon taking up your stash, you can transform it into a stash of gift-wrapping bows, instead.

9. LanyardA lanyard is a great choice for a kid who needs to keep track of a bus pass, school ID, or library card. And a homemade lanyard is a lot more fun than the one leftover from your last comic-con.

10. No-sew ribbon headband holderJust because you have a lot of ribbons in your stash doesn’t mean that you need to sew. This handy headband holder is a no-sew project; all you need is hot glue!

11. Pandora ribbon braceletThis bracelet uses lots of fancy ribbon scraps and one chunky Pandora bead to tie it together.

12. Ponytail ribbon streamersTrust me that these are, indeed, a thing. As cute as they are, how could they not be?

13. Rag ribbon garlandThis project is similar to the ribbon banner, below, but it’s designed for a smaller space, such as a mantle piece or dining table.

14. Ribbon and button bookmarksHere’s an easy way to upcycle both ribbon scraps AND stash buttons!


15. Ribbon banner. Okay, this might use up all the rest of your ribbon stash. If you need more material to pad it out, you can tear some stash fabric into strips to embellish it, as well.

16. Ribbon bow tieThis scrappy ribbon bow tie looks just like a fabric bow tie–but it’s a RIBBON!

17. Ribbon buntingUse bits of ribbon as the pennants on a twine bunting. This bunting would look super cute on a cake or cupcake, or in a potted plant that you’re giving as a gift.

18. Ribbon-embellished Christmas treesThese ribbons aren’t wrapped around the cardboard cones; instead, you’ll glue loops of ribbons to the cone, making your Christmas tree super fluffy. You could even add ornaments!

19. Ribbon wand. Wow your favorite little ones with their very own magical, flowing ribbon wand.

DIY Ribbon Wand

20. Ribbon roseI’m sure you’ve seen these around. Make some of your own!

21. Ric-rac and ribbon-embellished shirtI love how nice the ric-rac and ribbon look embellishing this child’s shirt–and there’s no sewing needed!

22. Spiky ribbon bowThere’s also no sewing required for this cute bow, made from trimmed and stacked ribbons.

23. Ribbon-wrapped clothes hangerHere’s an easy way to fancy up your boring hangers.

DIY Ribbon Hangers

24. Tassel keychainUsing ribbons will make this key chain stand up to wear a lot better than if it was made with a yarn tassel.

25. Wall hangingThis project is similar to the ribbon chandelier, above, but I like it even better because you can use a found branch as the base. Don’t forget to bake your branch in the oven for a little bit first to make sure that you don’t get a lovely larval surprise a few months later!

26. WindsockThe windsock in this tutorial is Independence Day-themed, but of course, any color and style of ribbon would work–the more chaotic, the better!


27. Woven ribbon and bead braceletTweens and teens, especially, would have a lot of fun making themselves bracelets from your ribbon and bead stash using this tutorial.

28. Woven ribbon heartThis little ribbon heart would be perfect on a hair clip, or you can starch the heck out of it and turn it into a pendant.

29. Woven shamrockI NEVER have anything green for St. Patrick’s Day, ugh. Next time I’ve got some green ribbon in my stash, I’m going to make myself one of these woven shamrocks and make sure that I’m all set for next year.

30. WreathInstead of using a Styrofoam wreath form, look for one made of cardboard or straw.

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