37 Amazing Glass Bottle Crafts

Poured Container Candles

How to Cut Glass Bottles

Is there a more ubiquitous recyclable than the glass bottle? If you buy anything from a grocery store, or consume any beverage that you didn’t make yourself, you’ve got some glass bottles in the recycling bin.

And that’s a shame, because most glass bottles are elegantly designed, super sturdy, easy to cut (I promise!), fun to embellish, and useful for loads of projects.

So go rescue those glass bottles from your recycling bin, because after reading this list, you’re never going to have to toss another glass bottle again.

1. Aquatic plant habitatI love this project so much because the habitat that it creates is easy to care for. You won’t need your green thumb here!

2. Cut any glass bottle. Ever wished that you could cut a glass bottle as easily as you cut wood? I promise you–you CAN!

How to Cut Glass Bottles

3. Faux mercury glassIt’s time again to think about holiday centerpieces! These faux mercury glass bottles would look lovely for a Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve party.

4. Glass spray bottleSwitch out plastic spray bottles with these upcycled glass ones.

5. Hummingbird feederThese are so much prettier than store-bought cheap plastic hummingbird feeders.

6. Folk art painted bottlesHere’s a fun project to do with kids, especially, because they’re such uninhibited artists.

7. Self-watering planterPut those glass cutting skills to use and save yourself from the plant watering rut.

8. Container candleMake this in a glass jar, or cut a glass bottle to size. I LOVE making candles out of vintage Coca-Cola bottles!

how to make container candles in upcycled glass jars

9. Wine bottle chandelierThis would be beautiful above a big family table or on a covered back porch.

10. Wire and bottle hanging artThis particular tutorial makes a fish out of wire and an antique bottle, but you can use the same technique to make whatever you prefer.

11. Wall sconceUpcycle old fencing and a glass bottle into the perfect spot on your wall for a few flowers or some candlelight.

12. DIY bird feederI LOVE the look of this bird feeder made from a vintage soda bottle.

13. FrankensteinUpcycle a vintage glass Sprite bottle into this spooky Frankenstein. It’s just perfect for a Halloween decoration!

14. Message in a bottleWe made these as party invitations for a pirate-themed birthday party one year, and the kids went CRAZY for them.

DIY Party Invitations

15. Flatten a wine bottleHave a friend who has a kiln? Offer to make them a couple of these in return for making some for yourself!

16. Antiqued glass treasure bottleI love altered art–the more elaborate, the better! The more time that you spend antiquing this treasure bottle, and the more detail you add, the more interesting and special it will become.

17. Glass garden flowersYou’ll need some other thrifted or found glass plates and bowls and doo-dads for this, but when you’re done, you’ll have some cute and original garden decorations.

18. Glass beadsTake the small shards from cut glass bottles and turn them into brand-new beads.

19. Photo displayDecoupage a photograph onto the front of a smooth glass bottle.

20. Knotted net around a bottleThis is less of a stand-alone project and more of a way to embellish a decorative glass bottle. Either way, it’s gorgeous.

21. Jewelry. If you can get your hands on a microwave kiln, check out the kinds of jewelry you can make with circles cut from your old glass bottles:

22. Greenhouse wallNot all glass bottle projects have to be cutesy. It’s totally fine to put your old glass bottles to work, especially when you incorporate them into the wall of a greenhouse!

23. Pirate’s bottleThis is one of the most unique tutorials for upcycling a glass bottle that I’ve ever seen–you won’t believe the transformation that takes place!

24. Wind chimeIf you’ve got a few bottles to use up, then this is the way to go, because this wind chime tute upcycles three bottles at a time.


25. DIY milk bottlesDo you know somebody who drinks those Starbucks bottled frappuccinos? Ask them to save the bottles for you!

26. Fireflies in a bottle. If you don’t want to cut your bottles, small strings of LED lights are an easy and eco-friendly way to make a bottle lantern.


27. Olive oil lamp. The cleanest-burning lamp oil is actually right there in your pantry.

28. Glass bottle Santa ClausThis is a ridiculously cute Christmas decoration, and would make an inexpensive gift.

upcycled Christmas crafts

29. Homemade Sea GlassIf you’re cutting up your glass bottle and are left with some bits and pieces, get out the rock tumbler and make your own sea glass!

30. Sand artSkip the big-box craft store plastic bottles, because clear vintage bottles look amazing with sand art inside them.

31. Etch a glass bottleIt’s easier than you think!

32. Tissue paper decoupageDo this on a bottle for a bud vase (or cut the bottom out of the bottle and use it as a hurricane lamp), or on a glass jar, then insert a tea light.

Tissue Paper Decoupaged Glass Bottles

33. Soap pump dispenserIf you can upcycle the pump off of another, store-bought soap dispenser, then this is a project that costs nothing and vastly improves the look of your bathroom.

34. LampThis project would look so great made out of a giant bottle–I’m thinking of the huge jugs of apple juice that we get from our local orchard this time of year.

35. Distressed bottlesHere’s the perfect Halloween craft, especially if you make spooky labels for the bottles.

36. Wine bottle wallDrill holes in the bottoms of bottles. Add rebar. Enjoy your new wall!

37. Tiki torch bottle lampsEnjoy all the benefits of a tiki torch without the giant bamboo torch!

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