25 DIY Wine Storage Ideas To Keep Your Favorite Bottles Fresh

diy wine storage

If you enjoy wine, you probably wish your house was equipped with a beautiful wine cellar at the perfect temperature. Unfortunately, most homes don’t feature such a luxury, and built-in storage can be a pricier investment than you might think. To add to that, many premade storage racks aren’t even particularly eye-catching, and it seems like the smallest extras like a simple glass holder add to the cost. 

Why not create your own DIY wine storage according to your unique tastes and needs? With a little patience and a bit of pre-planning, you’ll be ready to craft the ultimate wine cabinet or rack. Read on to discover 25 captivating DIY wine storage ideas to show off your wine collection in style — without breaking the bank.

Important Details to Consider When Building DIY Wine Storage 

Before you start constructing a chic piece worthy of your wine bottles, consider the following technical details.

Wine Storage Size & Type 

Are you in the process of setting up your wine cellar, or are you short on space? How much work are you willing to put into this project?

Racks — hanging storage — are a more compact alternative if you’re limited on space. They’re also less challenging to build than large wine storage and cellars. 

However, if you want your hard work to be a dining room centerpiece, you can opt for something bigger and more advanced, like repurposing an existing cabinet or building one from scratch. 

Don’t forget to factor in the size of your wine collection. If you average having five to ten bottles at any given time, you can plan for something smaller. On the other hand, avid wine collectors may want something with a storage capacity of 50 bottles or more. 

Types of Materials to Use

The great thing about DIY wine storage is you’re not limited when it comes to materials. If you consider yourself a pro, you can buy all the necessary materials and start from scratch.

Or, to avoid waste, you can upcycle or use found goods — that old orange crate in your garage is waiting to come into its second life in your wine cellar!

Additional Options

When you go DIY, you can tailor whatever you’re working on to be the perfect fit for you. Make sure you visualize exactly how you want to store your wine collection before you browse for ideas.

You can craft a simple wine rack with one convenient glass holder. Or, maybe you want to go all out and include cooling elements as well as storage for other accessories (the all-important wine openers, corkscrews, stoppers, etc.)

But the wine storage considerations don’t end there. It’s also important to keep in mind how the wine itself prefers to be kept. Ideally, for long-term storage, you’ll want to keep your wine in a cool, dark place, stored horizontally. This graphic from Firstleaf does a great job illustrating all the important details to keep in mind:

wine storage basics

Image Source: Firstleaf.

Free Wine Storage Ideas to Consider

Now, onto the DIY! Check out these 25 free DIY wine storage ideas for inspiration. Whether you’re ultra-crafty or this is your first DIY project, there are options to suit all types of wine lovers:

1. DIY Diamond Wine Rack

This traditional wine cellar staple is a neat way to store plenty of wine that’s surprisingly easy to put together. Don’t hesitate to get creative with paint, varnish, or stains afterward. 

2. Reclaimed Crate Wine Rack

Transforming a crate into a rustic rack only requires paint, vanish, a board of wood, and a willingness to use a wood saw.

Find the plans at Hatch & Haven

3. DIY Wine Cabinet

wine cabinet
Photo Courtesy of Saws on Skates

If you’re ambitious and want a more intensive project, you can build yourself an elegant cabinet with glass holders and a neat shelf for accessory storage.

Find the plans at Saws on Skates

4. Circular Wine Rack

This simple, circular rack is conveniently portable and can serve as an attractive decor to boot.

Find the plans at Craft Box Girls

5. Leather Strap Wine Rack

If you want to spice it up with another material besides wood, leather is a perfect complement. Keep your wine collection hanging in style on a plain wooden rack with leather clasps. 

6. Barn Wood Wine Rack

Barn wood often makes for the most striking DIY pieces — although you can use any found wood for this one too. Attach metal hooks, prop it up, and voila: country-chic wine storage.

Find the plans at I Spy DIY

7. Hanging Barrel Stave Wine Rack

If you don’t have room for an entire barrel but love the aesthetic, this hanging barrel stave concept is likely right up your alley. Finding staves can be tricky, but take comfort that this sort of rack would cost a pretty penny to buy in a store.

8. Picket Fence Pocket Rack

If you’ve got extra picket fence wood lying around, this picket fence pocket rack is a great choice. You can put up to 12 wine bottles with these plans or use less or more pickets to suit your needs.

Find the plans at Something is Done DIY

9. PVC Wine Rack

If you’re not a fan of wood, you can go for plastic. This project does demand some commitment, but if you want futuristic storage, it can’t be beaten. Grab some PVC pipes from your local hardware store and some paint if you want to switch it up.

Find the plans at Adventures in Crafting

10. Wine Rack With Glass Holder

This DIY wine rack combines a sturdy shelf with under-hanging glass holders. Mix and match found wood for a more homely vibe, or keep it uniform for a store-bought look.

11. Wood Plank Wine Rack

If you’re intimidated by larger projects that demand more tools and materials, this single-plank wine rack can be attempted by DIY novices. It’s also a worthy wine storage idea for those of you who like your decor plain and straightforward.

Find the plans at Camille Styles

12. DIY Modular Wine Rack

Opting for a modular wine rack is ideal if you want flexibility as you build your wine collection — or if you already have enough bottles to fill a wine cellar. These modular wine rack plans can hold up to 196 bottles. 

13. Hanging Wine Rack with Shelves

Play favorites with your wine bottles by building this hanging rack, including numbered plaques. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t take up much space, it’s also an attention-grabbing wall piece, even if it’s empty.

Find the plans at Shanty 2 Chic

14. Double-Strap Wine Holder

If you have somewhere to store the bulk of your wine but want a little single-storage unit, this no-welding strappy wine holder is an excellent pick. Your straps can be whichever material and color you like, as long as it’s sturdy.

Find the plans at DIY Huntress

15. Leather-Sling DIY Wine Rack with Glass Holder

leather diy wine storage
Photo Courtesy of Reality Day Dream

This ergonomic hanging DIY wine rack combines thick leather slings for your bottles with a neat 2-glass holder shelf. You can carve the wood with your family name, a cute motto, or a design — make it yours.

Find the plans at Reality Day Dream

16. Steampunk-Style Wine Rack

We’ve covered wood, leather, and PVC — let’s talk about metal. This industrial pipe wine rack isn’t for the faint of heart but will make a standout piece to store your bottles steampunk-style.

Find the plans at Four Oaks Crafts

17. Horseshoe Wine Rack

Is your love for wine is only second to your passion for horses? Grab some old horseshoes and create a wine rack that melds your two favorite things together.

18. Old-Country Wine Rack

If you want to feel like you’re storing your bottles in something out of the 18th century, this found-wood wine rack should be just the ticket. Aside from adding dowels and possibly a protective coat of varnish, keep the wood all-natural for the best effect.

Find the plans at HGTV

19. Modern Hanging Wine Rack

If you’re seeking something less provincial and more contemporary, this gravity-defying wall rack looks like it came out of an upscale furniture store.

20. A-Frame Simple Wine Rack

Keep up to six wine bottles in this super-simple A-frame rack made of standard plywood. The only tool you’ll need to wield is a drill, and you can customize the boards with staining or paint.

Find the plans at DIY Network

21. Log Wine Rack

Whether you have a tree stump sitting in the backyard or logs you don’t know what to do with, you can turn them into a delightfully primitive wine rack. These don’t come cheap in stores, so you’ll save a lot by going the DIY route!

22. Curvy Barrel Stave Wine Rack

This topsy-turvy barrel wine rack can store bigger collections. You definitely won’t find anything like it in a store — rustic and unique.

Find the plans at All Things Thrifty

23. Pallet Wine Rack

This DIY wine rack is an ingenious way to upcycle pallets, which you can likely find with a bit of scavenging.

24. Vinyl Record Wine Rack

Remember that box of vinyl records you’re reluctant to toss out but can’t figure out what to do with? They’re surprisingly resilient and can make a stable, 60’s-style wine rack — just remember to check you’re not messing with a collector’s item.

Find the plans at Recyclart

25. Copper and Leather Wine Rack

You can transform the look of this idea depending on what color leather you use. Go for a clean, modern style with white leather, or find patterned leather slings to tailor it to your tastes.

Find the plans at A Bubbly Life

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