30 Spring Wreaths to DIY

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Keep your front door in tune with the season by DIYing a beautiful, eco-friendly spring wreath! Whether you prefer to craft with upcycled or natural materials, you’re sure to find something that inspires you in this list of free patterns and tutorials, below:

1. Bicycle Wheel Wreath

If you had to do a little more maintenance than you anticipated when you brought the bikes out of storage, upcycle an old bicycle wheel into a front door wreath!

2. Bundt Pan Wreath

A bundt pan makes a super fun wreath, especially when painted in bright colors and patterns.

3. Burlap Wreath

Did you know that burlap is a natural fabric? It’s true! And when it’s blue, it’s also very spring-like!

4. Clothespins and Washi Tape

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Repurpose your clothespins during the rainy spring season, and simply unclip them from the wreath form when it’s summertime and you’ve got lots of laundry to hang outside on the clothesline.

5. Butterfly Swarm

In this wreath, card stock butterflies swarm over a store-bought grapevine wreath form.

6. Crocheted Spring Wreath

You know it’s not one of my round-ups unless there’s something crocheted on the list!

7. Denim Wreath

Upcycle denim into roses to cover a wire or straw wreath form. To make it as spring-like as possible, go for the lightest washes of denim.

8. Embroidery Hoop and Chicken Wire Wreath

The prints and fabrics chosen for this tutorial make a fall wreath, but I have chickens and I garden and to me, chicken wire means SPRING!

9. Egg Carton Wreath

Cardboard egg cartons take paint like a dream. Take advantage of that fact by letting your little ones help you make a beautiful egg carton flower wreath!

10. Fairy Garden Wreath

You’ll have to consciously replace some of the suggested materials with more eco-friendly options, but fairy gardens are so popular that there are lots of tutorials (many of them right here on CAGW!) teaching you how to make fairy garden accessories from upcycled and natural materials.

11. Flower Pots and Paper Flowers

This is a wreath that doesn’t require a bunch of polyester ribbon or plastic flowers. Instead, you’ll need scrap wood, flower pots, and pretty paper!

12. Garden Hose Wreath

The tutorial calls for a brand-new garden hose (!!!), but you know that you or someone you know has an old garden hose for you to upcycle. With enough hose, you could make multiple wreaths!

13. Interchangeable Holiday Wreath

Keep your storage space clear by DIYing one single wreath that you can decorate interchangeable for each holiday and season.

14. No-Sew Fabric Wreath

This wreath can be made from any scrap fabric that you have on hand. Use all the colors and prints that scream “Spring!” to you!

15. Paper Dahlia Wreath

I wouldn’t put this wreath outside to get faded or wet, but if you have an indoor space that you’d like to make spring-like, this colorful paper dahlia is just the project for you!

16. Paper Wreath

I don’t love the look of most faux flowers, so I REALLY love the look of these DIY paper flowers.

17. Picture Wreath

I LOVE the idea of upcycling an old picture frame into a wreath!

18. Pom Pom Wreath

For this wreath, use pretty fabric and make pom poms to match.

19. Another Pom Pom Wreath

Can’t get enough of pom poms? Don’t bother using them only as embellishments; double down and make this wreath that’s entirely pom poms!

20. Printable Banner Wreath

Don’t want to design your own mini banner for the wreath’s centerpiece? There’s a free, downloadable printable banner included with this tutorial!

21. Pussy Willow Wreath

Use real pussy willows while they’re young and supple to create this show-stopping wreath.

22. Ribbon Wreath

You can’t get much simpler than this ribbon wreath. All you need for it are a wreath form, ribbon, and hot glue.

23. Ruffled Fabric Wreath

You guys! The fabric used for this wreath used to be a BED SKIRT!!!

24. Ruffled Muslin Wreath

Muslin is a wonderful fabric to create with, and the fabric flowers also used on this wreath make the whole piece look even softer and more inviting.

25. Rain Boot Vase

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It’s not exactly a wreath, but it will revamp your front door and get you in the spring spirit–while upcycling an old rain boot!

26. Tulips In Birch Vases

This unusual wreath style calls for making faux vases out of birch bark.

27. Upcycled Sweater Wreath

It’s too warm for that cardigan now, so upcycle it into a wreath covering! Any pastel color would look suitable spring-like.

28. Upcycled Magazine Flowers Wreath

The more colorful the magazines, the better!

29. Yarn-Wrapped Wreath

Wrapping a wreath in pretty yarn is a terrific way to hide an ugly or off-season wreath form.

30. Another Yarn-Wrapped Wreath with Felt Flowers

Use wool felt or upcycled plastic felt to make the eco-friendly faux flowers for this alternate version of a yarn-wrapped wreath.

Do you have a really awesome spring wreath idea to share? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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Written by Julie Finn

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