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  • Help Save Handmade

    Geppetto in Peril

    CPSIA Legislation May Put Crafters Out of Business¬† The CPSIA(Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008) states that even a simple wooden toy maker will be required to have a third-party lead test every different variation of marionette he makes, costing upwards of $2000 a pop. While well intentioned in the wake of numerous recalls […] More

  • Handmade Holidays: Green Gifts for Crafters

    Do you like to make things for people who like to make things or would you rather just give them things that they can use to make things? Or, are you Julie’s mom? Either way, check out these affordable eco-friendly craft supplies that would make great gifts…maybe even to yourself! More

  • Kindling for Art Fire

    I’ve spent the better part of an hour exploring a promising new website called Art Fire which, in no uncertain terms, has set out to compete with Etsy. There is a familiar layout…categories to your left, a showcase of listed items in the center, and a featured seller near the bottom. Additionally, they are cataloging […] More

  • Eco-Crafty Events this Weekend: November 15th-16th

    Have you checked out the indie craft show circuit lately? It has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years. There is definitely a trend toward eco-friendliness and charitable initiatives, but with a signature grass roots flair. At the Giant Dwarf Make and Take Trunk Show on Saturday in Philadelphia, PA, Sue Eggen will […] More

  • The Upcyclist Party Contest

    We are pretty sure this contest is right up our readers’ alley! Do you find yourself perusing through your local big-box during the holidays and getting a little worked up about all the cheap plastic junk they have on the shelves just for the sake of temporary decorations? Here is your chance to show ’em […] More

  • Crafty at the Polls

    Most of us heading out to vote tomorrow are expecting long lines, and what better way to pass the time than with an ultra-portable craft project? Knitting and crochet are the old standby, of course. I plan on bringing a sock and hat on circulars. Heck, I might even throw a spare ball of worsted […] More

  • Craft: Volume 09 is Crafting Green!

    Just about every coming of age trend in the modern crafting world has made it’s way on to the pages of Craft Magazine. We here at Crafting a Green World are happy to report that environmentalism is getting a nod in their latest issue! It’s chock full of eco-project goodness, and what green crafting smorgasbord […] More

  • Art Imitates Pork? Where Obama and McCain Stand on Funding

    I think we all know by now where the presidential candidates stand on things like taxes and the war in Iraq, but have you dared to wonder what kind of funding they have in mind for the arts? Despite the U.S. being in a dilly of a pickle, I don’t want to see the National […] More

  • Indieconomy

    It’s amazing that I know far more artists and crafters with successful microbrands or intentions of starting one than those who are purely hobbyists. I, for one, so enjoy the process of constructing an identity for my creative outlets. They can define one more than the car you drive, the movies like, or the body […] More

  • Diversify Your DIY

    Or make several thousand aluminum flowers… or 250 Aluminum Can Granny Square Tote Bags… or 1000 Aluminum Can Maracas for your kids, because music can help fill the void in your financially depleted soul… or you could smelt all of it into molds to make mod lawn furniture. The possibilities are endless. Bottoms up, my […] More

  • The Sort-of-Sustainable Craft Show: Food For Thought

    As many of you know, I’ve been on hiatus planning Strange Folk, which took place this past weekend in O’Fallon, IL.¬† We had amazing weather and an estimated turn-out of 10,000 people. On a shoestring budget, I set out not only to lessen this event’s impact on the planet, but also to wisen the public […] More

  • Origami and a Movie

    I love those NetFlix commercials where all the different movie characters deliver themselves around the neighborhood. Maybe the fantistic voyage the actual envelopes take is less evocative than portrayed, but you have to give them props for the clever design that allows the movie to be returned in the same packaging. All you are left […] More

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