Handmade Holidays: Green Gifts for Crafters

Do you like to make things for people who like to make things or would you rather just give them things that they can use to make things? Or, are you Julie’s mom? Either way, check out these affordable eco-friendly craft supplies that would make great gifts…maybe even to yourself!

Row 1

*This destashed bead collection from oh Two Vintage not only has a lot of potential, but comes packaged in a beautiful cigar box. Bonus.

*Furochic reusable gift fabric from Jenny Wren Paperie is a great idea for hardcore DIY enthusiasts.  Tell them to wrap their own damn present!

*I own one of these amazing recycled magnet pendants by Polarity, and it comes with three interchangeable lids, but any 1-inch pin fits on the locket as well! Anyone who makes or collects buttons would love this.

Row 2

*Rainy Day Supply offers up 1/2 yard cuts of this handspun/dyed/woven hemp fabric from a fair trade collective. A stack of 5 different colors is only $8.

*Lots of crafty people like to garden too. This seed saving kit by The Sisters Studios says, “I’m going to  do my part to preserve mother nature, but I still want to play with stickers” 

*For fans of rainbows and appliques, Feltorama offers a 28 sheet bundle of Eco-felt, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

Row 3

*The Moss Peppermint Pin Cushion by Ottoman combines aromatherapy with sewing. Just try to resist holding it too close to your nose while the pins are still in it.

*Create an historically significant mosaic with these sea glass pottery shards reclaimed from shipwrecks off the coast of Lake Erie. You’ll find beautiful beads and pendants as well in Lake Eerie Beach Glass‘s shop.

*Yummy- yummy fair trade banana fiber yarn kettle dyed by Blonde Chicken. 

Row 4

*Handmade zines are like cheesecake bites of indie culture. Ecomonster‘s first volume of their We Eat Trash Zine is a kit of sorts for making recycled envelopes. 

*The proprietor of Spindle Cat Studio spun her own wedding dress into art yarn, and that’s all kinds of awesome.

*Brown paper bags are upcycled into adorable shipping envelopes by Sunlit Orchards. Any crafter that sells online or participates in swaps would probably swoon over them.

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