Sew Juicy

Today, I put my little boys on the bus for their first day of school. Their backpacks were absolutely stuffed, and  will continue to be for the next couple days. The stringent supply lists are maddening. I’m required to buy boxes of a specific, expensive brand of tissues, because it’s important that they learn how to blow their noses on old growth forests.

At least I have a say as to what goes in their lunches. I’m planning on buying Sigg bottles and adorable handmade snack sacks by gnomeclothes, but due to the back-to-school bank account drain, it’s going to be bags of chips and juice pouches till the next paycheck.

You know the old saying: When life give you Capri Sun Lemonade, sew zipper pouches! Check out this great tutorial for a recycled juice pouch pencil bag on Skip to my Lou.

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