Jewelry for the Skate Betty

Back in high school, while other girls were shopping at the mall, I was waxing curbs and flippin’ ollies. So, it’s no surprise that today I’m drooling over 2ReVert’s recycled skateboard jewelry!

This husband and wife team from Nova Scotia craft amazing earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings from 100% post consumer decks. That begs the question: Where has your jewelry been?

2ReVert” jewelry pieces are all unique and no one will ever be identical. When we get a new skateboard to recycle, we are thrilled. Wife is always wondering who rode the skateboard. Was it a 17 year old, just getting into skating… falling off lots, or was it a 24 year old that was an amazing skater. She always wonders were the boards went… did they get carried around school, did they go on trips… what about the writing on them. Fascinating!! Husband always looks for the coloured layers… where are they in the board, what colours, what will he create!”

All the pieces are sealed with a non-toxic finish, so they will stand up to plenty of thrashing. 2ReVert is also committed to eco-friendly shipping. They use minimal amounts of packaging, and 100% recycled envelopes.

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