Accessorize Like a Green Egyptian

It’s no longer a hazy shade of winter for most of us. When spring rears her beautiful head, I get the urge to clean and shop. Shedding the long sleeves reminds me that I have wrists, and should put something pretty on them too.

Luckily, some clever crafters on Etsy are using widely discarded materials to make unique bangles!…

Garbage of Eden meets the challenge of turning plastic bags into something truly stunning. By tightly twisting and wrapping them around a base, colors are emphasized, and branding diminishes. Also, be sure to check out the brilliant chokers in this shop made out of bags from loafs of bread.

Courtney Watson twists old telephone wire into bracelets and earrings. I happen to own several of her pieces, and can vouch that they are “adurable”. That’s my new word for cute stuff that takes a beating. As a barista, I’m periodically elbow deep in a sink full of coffee mugs. It’s nice not having to worry about removing my jewelry.

Upcycled bling is perfect for both manic Mondays and I-don’t-have-to-run days.
I suspect Susanna Hoffs would concur.

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