13 Upcycled Fall Crafts to do this Weekend

Upcycled Fall Crafts

Here are some of my favorite upcycled fall crafts that you can make right now.

Just because there are so many wonderful nature crafts to do in autumn doesn’t mean that you also can’t raid your recycling bin this season! Here are some of my favorite upcycled fall crafts that you can make right now.

13 Upcycled Fall Crafts

1. autumn tree on a shirtA painting and button-embellishing project is my favorite way to hide a persistent stain on a kid’s shirt–it instantly turns the shirt from kind of gross into something that always gets compliments. I LOATHE interfacing, however, so I’d suggest that you applique your tree trunk on, rather than using Heat-n-bond.

Upcycled Fall Crafts2. button artYour old button stash would love to participate in this cute art project!

3. cardboard lettersThese would look cute on a mantle or ledge.

4. felted sweater fingerless glovesA felted sweater is the perfect way to keep hands warm on days that are chilly, but not yet mitten weather.

5. felted sweater scarfIt’s definitely scarf weather outside!

6. painted newspaper leavesYou might be surprised to hear this, but watercolor paint looks absolutely GORGEOUS on newspaper!

7. papier mache pumpkinIf you like Funkins, you’ll love this faux pumpkin made from recycled newspapers.

Upcycled Fall Crafts8. recycled fall jarsThis is a great way to upcycle old jars whose lids have been lost.

9. recycled paper acorn bannerIt’s the next best thing to real acorns!

10. recycled paper wreathWhen fall is over, you can pop this baby right back into the recycling.

11. tree weaving on a paper plateWe try not to use paper plates at home (I mean, obviously), but many are the times that someone comes home from a potluck or party with a slice of cake or half a sandwich on a paper plate. In that instance, this would be a wonderful second life for such a plate.

Upcycled Fall Crafts12. upcycled fall wreathGot an ugly old wreath laying around somewhere? Thanks to this tute, you’ll be glad that you do!

13. upcycled faux pumpkinThat faux pumpkin will just take up room in the landfill, so you might was well upcycled it with recycled papers.

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