DIY Crafts: Button “Fall” Art

DIY Crafts: Button "Fall" Art

Fall is in the air! Celebrate by making your own DIY crafts like this button “fall” art!

Like I’ve mentioned before, I have a large button collection thanks to my Grandma. This week I decided to put all of those awesome buttons to use with a vintage button brooch and now, fall art!

What You Will Need:

1. An old picture frame. I found mine at a garage sale.

2. Vintage buttons. Don’t have any vintage buttons? Use eco-friendly ones like Tagua buttons, or make your own buttons from recycled materials.

3. Hot glue/hot glue gun

How To Do It:

1. My picture frame started out like this:

DIY Crafts: Button "Fall" Art

It needed a little love so I gave it a fresh coat of white spray paint. The frame didn’t even have glass, so I painted the frame and the cardboard insert. Spray paint isn’t the greenest craft supply, so opt for low VOC spray paint if you can. If your frame doesn’t have a cardboard insert, use a small piece of recycled cardboard.

2. Once my frame dried, I went through my buttons and chose buttons that were “fall-ish”– you know, the colors of fall– brown, red, green, etc.

3. Lay your buttons out on the cardboard insert of your frame and arrange them into the word “fall.” Then, hot glue them to the cardboard.

DIY Crafts: Button "Fall" Art

That’s it! I love all of it’s character– each button has it’s own personality and story! I have my button art on a side table in the living room and it makes me smile every time I pass it!

Think of all of the possibilities you can create with this project– you could use a different word rather than “fall” like love, faith, welcome, sew, craft, etc. Which word would you choose?

Looking for more button projects? We have you covered!

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