Thanksgiving Crafts: Create a “Give Thanks” Decor Piece

Thanksgiving Crafts from Recycled Materials

Thanksgiving Crafts: Create a "Give Thanks" Decor Piece

Do you like to make your own Thanksgiving crafts and decor? Here’s another project to add to your list– a “give thanks” decor piece!

I recently purchased a faux fireplace for my living room and I’ve found that I love changing it up with the seasons/holidays. I showed you how I decorated it for fall by creating recycled cardboard letters. Now, I want to show you guys what I made for Thanksgiving!

What You Will Need:

1. Recycled paper. I used sheet music, but you could also use book pages, newspaper, magazines, or junk mail envelopes.

2. A black or permanent marker

3. Crayons

4. A large picture frame. You can easily find a frame at a second hand store– which helps you skip the impact of buying new and you’ll pay way less!

5. Glue. If you can, useΒ eco glue.

How To Do It:

1. Remove the backing from your frame. Mine had a thick cardboard piece. Instead of buying a large piece of cardboard to glue my sheet music to, I glued it directly to the cardboard backing. As always, I mix a little bit of water in with the glue (add enough to have the consistency of soup). I put glue on the surface, put down the sheet music, and put more glue on top of the paper. Continue to layer the pages until the entire cardboard piece is full.

Thanksgiving Crafts: Create a "Give Thanks" Decor Piece

2. Once the sheet music has completely dried, carefully write “give thanks” or another Thanksgiving phrase/quote onto the paper. I did mine in pencil first and then went over it again with a permanent marker. I’m a perfectionist, so I always trace the letters from my computer onto scrap pieces of paper and then I cut them out to use as a stencil.

Thanksgiving Crafts: Create a "Give Thanks" Decor Piece

3. If you’d like, color the inside of the letters a nice fall color.

Insert Β the cardboard piece back into your frame, and you’re finished. I can’t wait to hang it above my mantle!

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