Thanksgiving Crafts that You Can Make out of Recycled Materials

Reverse Applique Handprint Turkey Shirt
Whether you’re a crafter who works with recycled materials or a crafter who works with natural materials, there are a million eco-friendly Thanksgiving crafts out there for you!

Stay tuned until next time, nature crafters, because this round-up is all about recycled crafts:

1. Reverse applique your child’s handprint onto a shirt that she already owns to make her a handprint turkey shirt.

2. Felt wool sweaters in autumn colors (or not!) and hand-embroider these split-stitched felt leaves.

3. Tack those leaves onto felted wool napkin rings made from the cuffs of sweater sleeves.

4. Fill a wicker cornucopia with all the pinecones, walnuts, acorns, and beautiful leaves that you harvested as craft supplies.

5. Drag out your stash scrapbook paper, old family photos, decoupaging supplies from vintage books and magazines, and any other flat embellishments that you can scavenge and create a personalized placemat for every member of your Thanksgiving table. If you laminate your placmats, set out dry erase markers so that your guests can pass the long interval before the pie arrives by drawing a mustache on Uncle Charles.

6.  Cut a slit in the top of a cardboard box, decorate the rest of it with wild abandon, and encourage everyone to write down what they’re thankful for and slip their note into the thankful box. Read everyone’s submissions out loud at dinner.

What Thanksgiving crafts do YOU make out of recycled materials? Share them so that I can make them, too!

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