Spotted: Halloween Luminaries from Adventure in a Box, and 12 More Luminaries to Make

Halloween Lanterns from Adventure in a Box

Halloween Luminaries from Adventure in a Box

Luminaries are always beautiful, I think, and they make an excellent kids’ craft–who could resist a wonky tissue paper Jack-o-lantern shining out of an upcycled glass jar?–but these particular Halloween luminaries here?

They are stunning. Stellar. The most beautiful that I’ve ever seen.

Check out Adventure in a Box for the tutorial for these lovely Halloween luminaries, including a pdf printable for the template. Pop a rolled beeswax candle inside, and you’ll have the perfect Halloween tabletop display.

Luminaries of all kinds are surprisingly easy to make, and they’re not just for Halloween, either. Check out this list of 12 more luminaries that will look just as beautiful shining in your house:

1. autumn leaf luminaryPreserve the warm colors of fall leaves by painting them onto glass jars to make luminaries.

2. beeswax luminariesBeeswax is not burned here, but used as the translucent window that the candle shines through. For decoration, add beeswax-coated leaves to make these leaf-encrusted lanterns.

3. dodecahedron star luminaryGeometry is magical!

4. ice luminariesIf you use a battery-powered tea light, you can “plant” these luminaries directly in the snow!

5. kite and tissue paper luminariesTissue paper luminaries aren’t just for Halloween! Use a Waldorf window star tutorial to make the star  that’s on one of the pictured jars.

6. oiled paper luminariesIt’s the oil that gives ordinary paper the translucent glow in these luminaries.

7. painted glass luminariesGlass paint makes these luminaries durable; baby food jars make them adorable!

8. photo luminariesPrintable vellum paper is the secret behind these luminaries that use real family photographs.

9. tin can luminariesUse any can for this project, and punch any pattern into it.

10. wine bottle luminaryCut the bottom off of a wine bottle to make this festive luminary.

11. salt luminariesThe painted-on salt looks just like snow.

12. orange peel luminaryThe orange peel will illuminate as the candle that’s poured inside it burns down.

[Halloween luminary image via Adventure in a Box]

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