Spotted: Eggshell Ghost Mobile, and 15 More Halloween Crafts

Eggshell Ghost Mobile and other Halloween Crafts

Eggshell Ghost Mobile and Other Halloween Crafts

Looking for a Halloween craft that doesn’t involve a bunch of junky plastic?

Let nature be your inspiration.

This eggshell ghost mobile from The Magic Onions looks both simple and fun for kids to make, and since you’re basically making these ghosts from your breakfast trash, I think it counts as upcycling, as well!

And after Halloween, there will be little waste to dispose of; even with their marker decorations, those eggshells can still be crushed and dug into your garden beds.

Looking for more eco-friendly, budget-friendly Halloween crafts? Check out the 15 projects below!

1. altered book. Leave these super creepy altered books just lying around and looking suspicious.

2. apple-stamped Jack-o-lanternIt’s fun and easy to turn an apple into a pumpkin.

3. book page buntingThis one has bats on it, but you can substitute anything suitably spooky.

4. dripped crayon on pumpkinsIf you don’t cut into them, you can keep them longer!

5. Frankenstein’s monster in a bottle. Upcycle an old bottle into a scary monster!

6. jug-o-lantern. Turn a plastic jug into a fun jack-o-lantern.

7. monster rocksKids will love turning regular rocks into funny monsters.

8. painted luminariesWhip out the craft paint and transform some old bottles and jars.

9. paper luminariesThe light that shines from these is spooooooky!

10. pillowcase ghost dressGet into the Halloween spirit with this unexpected use for a white pillowcase.

11. plaster bonesOld newspaper is the base of these papier mache bones.

12. pumpkin pie play doughLittle kids will like this just as much as any actual “crafts.”

13. shrunken heads. Kids will be thrilled when they see what their cute carved apple faces turn into!

14. tissue paper luminariesTissue paper is a bit fiddlier than paint, although still plenty kid-friendly.

15. vegan sugar skullsKids LOVE to decorate these sugar skulls for el Dia de lost Muertos.

16. BONUS! The day after publishing this list, Crunchy Scott shared this awesome upcycled Halloween craft idea. Add some cute candy holders to the mix!

Got some great, eco-friendly Halloween crafts of your own? Share them in the Comments below!

[eggshell ghost mobile via The Magic Onions]


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