Upcycle a Piece of Art into a Chalkboard!

Upcycle a Piece of Art into a Chalkboard!

I found a set of three mountain pictures at a garage sale about a year ago. They weren’t my taste, so they sat in my closet until inspiration finally hit– chalkboard paint!

What You Will Need:

1. An unused piece of art. Before you use your art, though, make sure it isn’t by a famous artist or anything!

2. Chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint isn’t exactly eco-friendly, so consider making your own chalkboard paint using this tutorial from Martha Stewart and zero VOC paint.

3. Painter’s tape

4. Sand paper (optional)

How To Do It:

1. Clean the surface of your piece of art. I got so excited about the chalkboard paint that I forgot to take a before picture.

2. Depending on the surface of your art, you may want to sand it to help the paint stick better. I didn’t have to with mine, but it’s definitely something to consider, especially if it’s a piece of art with dimension.

3. Tape off the frame of your art with painter’s tape.

4. Paint over your artwork with chalkboard paint! This is what mine looked like with the painter’s tape:

Upcycle a Piece of Art into a Chalkboard!

Each chalkboard paint is different, so be sure to read the label for how many coats you need to paint, drying times, the curing process, etc. Now I have three adorable chalkboards for my kitchen. My roommates and I love coffee, so right now they have a coffee theme! What piece of art could you transform into a chalkboard?

Other Ideas using Chalkboard Paint:

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