DIY Wedding: 55 Chalkboard Ideas for Your Wedding!

DIY Wedding Ideas

DIY Wedding: 55 Chalkboard Ideas for Your Wedding

Are you planning a DIY wedding? Here are 55 chalkboard ideas to get you inspired!

Why do we love chalkboards for a DIY wedding so much? It’s simple: using chalkboards can eliminate paper waste, and you can erase and reuse them! While you might have a ton of chalkboards at your wedding, you can reuse every single one of them again. Repurpose them into home decor, party decorations, or give them as favors at the end of the day. Whatever you decide, here are 55 (yes, 55!) chalkboard ideas that you can use for your special day!


1. Chalkboard arbor

2. Chalkboard globe

3. A suitcase sign

4. Egg place cards

5. Napkin rings

6. Chalkboard teacup

7. Horse place cards

8. Chalkboard pumpkinsΒ (perfect for a fall wedding!)

9. Suitcase card holder

10. Scrabble tile place cards

11. Chalkboard cake stand

12. A plate charger

13. Chalkboard surf board

14. Clothespin chalkboard labels

15. Chalkboard wreath

16. Cheese tray

17. Reusable chalkboard banner

18. Rocks as place cards

19. Chalkboard backdrop

20. Backdrop made from an old map

21. Chalkboard books

22. Crossword puzzle

23. Chalkboard door

24. Chalkboard window

25. Mustache napkin rings

26. Metal tins with table numbers

27. Chalkboard clipboard

28. Placemats

29. Chalkboard table runner

30. Herb table markers

31. Bride and groom chair signs

32. Chalkboard tray centerpiece

33. Fun activity wheel

34. Chalkboard candles

35. Chalkboard table

36. Rustic pallet sign

37. Wood serving platter

38. Beverage dispenser with chalkboard label

39. Chalkboard wine bottles

40. Rustic chalkboard menuΒ (made with moss)

41. Chalkboard “cake”Β (cool if you’re just doing cupcakes!)

42. “Here comes the bride” sign

43. DIY chalkboard planter box

44. Chalkboard picnic basket (to hold cards or favors)

Photo Props

45. Photo backdrop

46. Chalkboard thought bubbles

47. Chalkboard masks

48. Simple chalkboard frame

49. Party hats

Favors (most of these can be used as place cards and can be used during the wedding)

50. Homemade jams with a chalkboard label

51. Chalkboard mugs

52. Chalkboard mason jars

53. Potted plant with chalkboard sign

54. Wine glasses

55. Chalkboard lid mason jars

More DIY Wedding Resources

Now I want to chalkboard all the things! What are your favorite chalkboard ideas for weddings? Did we forget to add something to the list? Share all of your ideas in the comment section below!

[Photo credit: Chalkboard with Knitted Red Hearts via Shutterstock; text added]

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