DIY Decor: Make a Chalkboard Picture Frame

DIY Decor: Make a Chalkboard Picture FrameHave an old picture frame and chalkboard paint in your craft stash? Make your own DIY decor!

I found a large picture frame at a thrift store and loved the extra space around the frame. I wanted to take the frame from traditional (and kind of boring) to modern and fun with a little chalkboard paint!

What You Will Need:

1. A picture frame that has a large wooden frame.

DIY Decor: Make a Chalkboard Picture Frame2. Sand paper

3. Chalkboard paint

How To Do It:

1. Remove the picture and glass from your frame, if possible. If you can’t remove the glass, make sure you tape it off with painter’s tape.

2. Sand the frame. You don’t have to sand it too terribly much, just enough to knock of the shininess.

3. Wipe off the frame with a dry cloth.

4. Chalkboard paint it! Make sure you follow the directions on your particular chalkboard paint. Most chalkboard paints require a 24 hour cure time, whichΒ  means you can’t write on the surface with chalk until 24 hours has passed. Mine also said to rub chalk over the entire surface before writing on it. Believe me, you don’t want to skip any of these steps. My impatient self has tried, and it was disastrous!

Now you’re ready to caption all of your favorite photos on your new chalkboard picture frame! You could write “welcome,” your family name, or a special quote on the frame, too! I wrote “sisters” and “baby love” on mine. There are so many possibilities!

DIY Decor: Make a Chalkboard Picture FrameWhat would you write on your chalkboard picture frame? Share your ideas in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!

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