Four Dozen Eco-Friendly Felt Crafts

Felt is SO much fun to craft with, and felt crafts are even better when you realize how eco-friendly they can be!

Prefer crafting with natural materials? Wool felt is for you.

Prefer crafting with recycled materials? You’ll love Eco-fi felt, made from recycled plastic bottles!

Whichever kind of felt you prefer, you can settle happily into any of the felt crafts below, knowing that whatever you make, it will be a great choice for the environment:

1. Realistic felt leaf silhouettesYou use real leaves as the templates for these felt leaves, so each one is unique and realistic.

2. Felt piggy bank coin purseThis little piggy is adorable and will keep your change safe.

3. Felt party hatsDon’t waste your money on buying party hats every year–these are cute, easy to make, and will last forever.

4. Felt woodland creature masksIf you’re already freaking out about Halloween costumes, these adorable felt woodland creature masks may just save your month!

This cute little no-sew felt owl is a perfect way to take a break from the summer swelter.

5. No-sew owlThis is a great craft for a kid to make independently–working with felt is great for kids!

6. Plantable felt garden boxSo, this is the cutest craft EVER. If you have a kid who loves play food, that kid is going to LOVE this play garden.

7. Felt play foodI’m 42 years old, and I would still play with felt food–it’s THAT fun.

8. Travel tic-tac-toeHere’s an easy-to-make, easy-to-play travel game!

9. Baby capeOne 9” x 12” piece of felt is the perfect size for a cape for a baby. It’s an easy Halloween costume!

10. Felt sugar skull sachetsI am a firm believer that skulls are a year-round decorating element. Whether you, too, have skulls all over, or if you reserve them for Halloween, you’re going to think that these felt sugar skulls are super cool!

11. Fabric heartsI love mixing felt with other fabrics, and here it goes especially well with cotton prints to make beautiful valentine hearts.

12. Sheep mobileThese bouncy felt sheep will send your baby right to sleep!

13. First sewing project for a kidFelt is PERFECT for a first sewing project for a kid! It’s a real fabric, and therefore not babyish, but it doesn’t fray and is very forgiving. Show kids how to cut out simple shapes and how to thread a needle with embroidery floss, and then stand back and watch them create!

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14. Coffee sleeveYou don’t need to take and waste a cardboard sleeve when your DIY version is this cozy.

15. Felt acorn coasterCool weather is no reason for warm drinks to leave rings on your coffee table!

16. Felt gingerbread manThese little gingerbread men make cute ornaments or gift tags.

17. Felt koozieA felt koozie is easy enough for a kid to make with white glue and a few simple stitches, but you could also make these amazingly elaborate, with lots of details and embroidery. It’s the perfect all-level project!

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18. Felt mailbox play setDoes your kid LOVE checking the mail? Make them a homemade felt mailbox!

19. Felt succulentsYou can’t kill them.

20. Garland necklaceYou get to whip out your jewelry making skills for this project!

21. CrownAre birthday crowns a thing where you live? They’re not a thing where I live, but I did them anyway when my kids were wee. Felt is a great material to use since it’s so easy to sew, and you can add whatever embellishments you like.

22. Felt heart bookmarkThis corner-style bookmark is the cleverest, and the design meshes perfectly with its function.

23. Felt lollipopMy kid had a candy-themed birthday party once, and these would have made great party favors.

24. Felt storage boxesWith all of the colors that felt comes in, you can have an endless variety of boxes to store all your odds and ends.

25. Car air freshenerFair warning: I have only tried this with wool felt, and so I don’t know how long the scent would last with recycled plastic felt. But this is also a terrific way to get some scent into your car, and especially without resorting to store-bought artificial scents!

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26. Christmas pudding ornamentSo you can have a very British Christmas!

27. Felt peonyAfter you read through this entire round-up, you should be able to make an entire garden of felt flowers!

28. Ice cream broochApparently felt is THE fabric to have when making novelty accessories.

29.  Reusable party streamersThese streamers sew up quickly from even the smallest felt scraps, and you can reuse them year after year.

30. Felt leaf garlandUse these instead of store-bought faux greenery.

31. Felt wedding bouquetI LOVE this idea. I’d love to still have my own wedding bouquet, as fresh as when I walked down the aisle with it!

32. Guinea pig ornamentEverybody should want an ornament that celebrates their own favorite piggy.

33. Pinwheel broochHere’s a silly and sweet accessory for your next date night!

34. Felt bowThese are easy to make as multiples. Party favors, anyone?

35. Felt eucalyptusHere’s another one to add to your felt garden!

36. Rainbow heart bannerI love how colorful this is!

37. Peacock fascinatorNeed another lighthearted accessory? Check out this adorable peacock fascinator!

38. Felt baby shoesYour baby will be the most stylish–and the comfiest–in these homemade baby shoes.

39. Felt hot air balloon mobileOnce you learn how to make a mobile, tons of creative options are open to you!

40. Felt flowers mobileIf your baby doesn’t want a mobile of hot air balloons or sheep, then how about flowers?

41. Felt scraps garlandHere’s another easy streamer to make from all your littlest felt scraps.

42. Christmas pillowOne thing to know about felt is that it doesn’t always wash well, so I’d make sure that this pillow was mainly decorative.

43. Felt doughnutIt’s all hand-sewn, so anyone can do it–the more sprinkles, the better!

44. Felt mitten patternTwenty-four of these mittens lined up in a row would make a super sweet Advent calendar.

45. Felt playsetKids love felt boards for all the ways that they support imaginary play. Here’s how to make a felt playset with all of YOUR kid’s favorite things!

46. Felt corsageIt’s cheaper and more meaningful than even fresh flowers.

47. Felt dove ornamentThis link takes you right to the pdf template, so making this dove couldn’t be easier!

48. Felt tissue holdersThese are perfect for carrying around just a few tissues in your bag.

Do you have a favorite felt craft? Share it with me in the Comments below!

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