Accessorize with Lawn Furniture

This is, admittedly, not my favorite time of year. Here in St. Louis, we get teased with a day or two of sunny, balmy weather, only to be blasted by some arctic front of snow, ice and bone chilling wind mere hours later.

I’m brought nearly to my wits end with the absence of green foliage, prominence of sniffles, and slim pickings at the farmers market. Certainly, I am in need of a little pick-me-up… a handmade remnant of summers past perhaps. Enter Rosewebs, a great little Etsy shop out of Portland, where durable accessories are created from recycled and reclaimed lawn furniture webbing. Set your sights on outdoor recreation with these adorable clutches, totes, and wallets! Rosewebs also accepts donations of full or partial packages of webbing, so keep that in mind when spring garage cleaning ensues. I can almost smell the BBQ and citronella already…

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