How-To: Felt Scraps Garland

felt garland
Felt is a fun and versatile craft material that pops up in many projects. With the abundance of felt in my craft area, comes an overwhelming abundance of scraps. There are some great projects you can do using larger felt scraps, but what about the little bits and pieces that are cut away? Here is a quick and easy tutorial showing you how to make a colorful garland using your itty bitty felt scraps.

felt garland1

What You’ll Need

  • Scraps of felt in varying shapes, sizes and colors. Don’t worry about them being exact shapes or very large, this project utilizes all sorts of shapes and sizes.
  • Junk mail advertisements. I find that the magazine type paper works the best, like the grocery store ads.
  • Sewing machine that is threaded in white. You can really choose any color you like, and even try varying the top thread and bobbin thread to get an interesting stripe effect.
  • Scissors

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