How-to: Make a Kid Crown from Recycled Felt

DIY kid crown

Dress up your little prince or princess in a handmade kid crown!

I haven’t been posting here for the past month or so, because my baby came early! Darrol Henry Striepe came to meet us on March 9th instead of April 1st, and he is just perfect.

When I was pregnant, one of the things my husband and I wondered about was how our dog, Jenna, would react to this kid. Would she get jealous? Scared? We really had no idea what to expect. Well, it turns out Jenna LOVES him! She smiles when she sees him and stands guard when he’s sleeping or eating. It’s pretty amazing, and my husband and I like to joke that Jenna thinks he is a prince.

But how can this babe be a proper prince without a crown, right? Recycled felt stash to the rescue!

Click here for the Kid Crown Instructions!

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