Make a DIY Superhero Cape from Recycled Felt

Make a DIY Superhero Cape from Recycled Felt

We threw a superhero birthday party for my son’s first birthday, so obviously we needed to make a DIY superhero cape for every baby who was coming!

The party was actually a joint birthday party for my son Darrol and his best baby friend Donovan. Darrol and Donovan are four days apart, and we are so excited about planning joint parties for these guys for years to come. Donovan’s mom Kip is super crafty, so we got together for a crafternoon before the party to make these DIY superhero capes and some party decorations.

A note about the felt:

We made the capes using pre-cut 9×12″ rectangles of ecofi felt. If you buy your recycled felt by the yard or want to use felted sweaters for your DIY superhero cape, you can just cut your pieces to size.

DIY Superhero Cape



1. Add a curve to the top of your cape, using the onesie as a template. This is going to be the part that sits on your baby’s neck, so lay the onesie on the felt, lining up the neck hole in the center of one short end, then use that to approximate the curve. You can see how I did mine below:

Make a DIY Superhero Cape from Recycled Felt2. Fold each end of your ribbon over by about 1/2″, and secure the fold by adding your snaps.

Make a DIY Superhero Cape from Recycled Felt3. Pin your ribbon onto the curved part of your felt, making sure that the ribbon is centered, then use your machine to sew the ribbon onto the felt. Make sure you backstitch a few times on either end, so that ribbon will be nice and secure.

Make a DIY Superhero Cape from Recycled Felt4. Make your badge for the back. You can really have fun with this! We did a lot of different badges, since we were making a dozen capes. For the boys, we basically followed my tutorial for felt superhero badges, and used fabric glue to attach them to the back. You could also sew these in place, since fabric glue doesn’t do a great job on felt over time. We were going for speed, since we had so many capes to make in a short time. For this tutorial, I wanted to really embrace the pink, so I went all hearts for this little superhero. Have fun with it!

Make a DIY Superhero Cape from Recycled Felt

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