Recycled Silk Flower Pin: Perfect for the Green Bride


Wedding season is always in season but a lot of couples get married in spring and summer. As a bride I looked high and low to find a modern hairpiece instead of a traditional veil.

Foundling’s shop on Etsy features a recycled silk pin with glass beads that can double as a hair piece. Each layer is cut and singed by hand. Sizes range from about 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter.

Written by Tara Hogan

Early experiences of my native New England state of Connecticut influenced my love of weathered materials on the shore in addition to coastal birds walking amidst thin brushes of seaweed and sticks. In addition, the diversity of New York City, being only an hour away from home, opened my eyes to a larger scale of proportions and grandeur. I have a loving appreciation for nature's intricate beauty combined with modern urban style. I see the world as organic and bright.

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