12 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Dipped Pine Cones

Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks. Are you making DIY Thanksgiving decorations? We’ve got ideas for DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces to fit any tablescape.

Are you making DIY Thanksgiving decorations? We've got ideas for DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces to fit any tablescape.

Hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if it’s your first year doing it. Making decorations and a DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece might be the last things on your mind. But DIY Thanksgiving decorations are totally within reach, whether you want to go super simple or very elaborate.

The list of centerpieces below includes lots of different styles and levels of complexity. Check them out, and see which ones work for your table!

12 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Mason Jar Tree1. Gratitude Tree – Bonnie used old sheet music to make her natural centerpiece, but you can use any reclaimed paper you like. Take some time with family to write what you’re thankful for on some or even all of the leaves!

2. Glitter Mason Jars – This is another one that the whole family can help out with. With little kids, you might want to pre-tape the jars, but you can totally let them go to town with the glue and glitter in this project.

3. Book Pumpkins – Bring some fall into your Thanksgiving decor with this cute, upcycled pumpkin centerpiece made from an old book.

4. Fall Mason Jar Tea Lights – I love these reverse-stenciled leaf jars and think it would look really pretty if you did this technique on a bunch of old glass jars that were different shapes and sizes.

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Dipped Pine Cones5. Dipped Pine Cones – A generous bowl full of pretty, dipped pine cones makes beautiful DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces. You can make a bunch with your kids and use them in your other DIY Thanksgiving decorations, too!

6.Thanks Pumpkins – This idea is intended for a mantle, but you can totally scale it down for the table by using miniature gourds instead of pie pumpkins.

7. Table Runner Centerpiece – Pull out last year’s table runner and use it as the base for this year’s centerpiece. Add a pretty succulent and a couple of seasonal gourds, and you’re ready to set the table.

8. Vintage Toolbox – Raid the shed or hit the thrift to hunt down an old toolbox or any low, long, weathered, wooden box, and you’re ready to make a gorgeous, rustic centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Basket of Gourds9. Basket of Gourds – The Culinary Geek on Flickr shows you how easy it is to use those little decorative gourds from the supermarket to make pretty, DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces.

10. Utensil Centerpiece – I love the homey look of this functional centerpiece. Not only is it simple and beautiful, it’s a time-saver! Fork on the left? Knives on the right? Not at your house! Everything in pretty jars, baby.

11. Autumn Centerpiece – Has fall’s blustery weather downed any tree branches in your neighborhood? Snag one to make this striking tea light centerpiece.

12. A Cluster of Seasonal Goodness – The tea light seated inside of a pie pumpkin is the sugar on top of this simple-yet-beautiful DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. Like with the dipped pine cones, you could make a bunch of the pumpkin candles and put them all over to tie your DIY Thanksgiving decorations together.

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