DIY Christmas: 5 Fabulous Cork Crafts

DIY Christmas: Fabulous Cork Crafts

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those wine corks you have in your craft stash? This Christmas season is the perfect time to creatively upcycle your wine corks! Here are 5 DIY Christmas crafts to get you started and inspired:

1.  Wine Cork Ornament Ideas by the Homeless Finch

The Homeless Finch has a whole group of wine cork ornament ideas, but my personal favorite was the one where she attached a jingle bell to the bottom! It’s such a simple ornament, but that’s what I love about it! Wouldn’t it be cute to attach one to a gift this season?

2. Wine Cork Reindeer by Make the Best of Things

I’m just not sure if there’s anything cuter than a wine cork reindeer. The best part is that it looks super easy to create! Would it be overboard if I created a whole family of reindeer for my Christmas mantle? Even so, I’m going to make them!

3. Champagne Cork Angel Ornament DIY by Marigold Road

If you’re wanting to add a small, handmade gift with your recycled gift tags this year, a wine cork ornament like this one is the perfect match! It’s so simple, yet festive! You can make this project even more green by using organic ribbon.

4. Wine Cork Gingerbread Ornament by Goodnyou

Gingerbread ornaments make me feel like a kid again– especially gingerbread ornaments from cinnamon dough. I love this crafty wine-cork-spin on a Christmas classic from Goodnyou! You could even get your children involved by having them paint or decorate the gingerbread man.

5. Wine Cork Christmas Tree by Ask Anna

Last but not least, we have the classic wine cork Christmas tree from Ask Anna. This DIY tree would be a great hostess gift for any get-together this season or as a handmade gift for a Christmas gift swap– the possibilities are endless!

Which wine cork project has you completely inspired? Have you ever created a DIY Christmas craft from corks? If so, share your projects with us– we would love to share them on our Facebook page!

[Photo credits (L-R), used with permission: Wine Cork Ornament Ideas by the Homeless FinchWine Cork Reindeer by Make the Best of ThingsChampagne Cork Angel Ornament DIY by Marigold RoadWine Cork Gingerbread Ornament by GoodnyouWine Cork Christmas Tree by Ask Anna]

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