Product Review: Organic Ribbon from May Arts

organic cotton ribbon

Having trouble finding organic ribbon for your latest sewing project? I am in love with the organic cotton ribbon from May Arts!

When you’re choosing sustainable materials for a sewing project, picking sustainable fabric is a no-brainer, right? There are tons of organic and other sustainable options out there for fabric yardage, so it’s easy for ethical seamsters to just say no to dirty conventional cotton!

Things get a little trickier when you’re looking for notions, though, doesn’t it? One of the big challenges I’ve had is finding ribbon that’s as sustainable as the fabric I’m using in my projects.c

About a month ago, I was gathering materials to make star bunting for my son’s nursery, and to make my vision happen, I needed ribbon. Conventional ribbons are the pits. Most of the ones at the craft store are made from polyester – a petroleum product – and the natural ribbons I was finding were all conventional cotton. No, thank you! The organic ribbon I was finding tended to be so boring – just plain, undyed organic cotton, and I wanted something cuter for my son-to-be’s room.

organic ribbon bunting

I was about to give up and try to figure out a different way to make this bunting when I ran across these spools of organic cotton ribbon from May Arts. They’re reasonably price, and they come in lots of fun colors! For the space nursery, I chose the sky blue, but you can get their ribbon in a rainbow of colors, from celery green or burgundy to cotton candy pink!

At $13-$17 for a spool, it might seem a little bit pricey, but this is a case where size matters! One spool of their ribbon is 30 yards long. I was able to create the 36 feet of bunting I needed along with a pair of curtain pulls and still have plenty left for other projects.

This stuff sews like a dream. Since it is 100% organic cotton, you will need to iron it before you craft, but that’s the case with any natural fiber ribbon. I used this to make bunting, but I think this ribbon would make a cute embellishment for a tote bag, purse, or even a skirt or top. Just like with organic cotton fabric, if you’re using this in a project that needs to be machine washable, you’ll want to wash and tumble the ribbon dry before you use it in your sewing project.

I would definitely buy this ribbon again, and I’ll be honest: I’m looking for an excuse to nab one of those celery green spools!

Have you guys found any organic ribbon that’s rocking your socks? Tell us about it in the comments!

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