Green Crafter Profile: What the Hey is a Hip Bouquet?

Atlanta artist Stephanie-D uses vintage and scrap fabric to construct her beautiful Hip Bouquets

[Nuclear Picnic Hip Bouquet]

“But what’s a hip bouquet?” you ask. Stephanie describes her creation:

It’s a witty and whimsical waist accessory. These unique fabric florals are handmade by Stephanie-D out of Atlanta GA. All you do is slip the Hip Bouquet through your favorite belt and you are off to the seize the day (or night!).

Stephanie is a photographer but has always been into crafting as a way to explore new ideas. She says she’s drawn to vintage and recycled materials “because it seems like a found treasure.” The history and uniqueness of vintage and reused materials really speak to her.

A lot of Stephanie’s inspiration comes from her dreams. She says that her time asleep “is time for my mind to work on secret projects.” I loved what she had to say about inspiration and beauty:

I enjoy too making something special for someone else. I think beauty is such an important element in our lives and it is so easily forgotten. But when you find something beautiful you cherish it, it has an affect on your life.

I think that’s true for a lot of us. Whether crafting for ourselves, our family and friends, or for sale, it’s all about putting something beautiful out there. You can check out Stephanie’s beautiful line of Hip Bouquets over in her Etsy shop!

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