Spotted: Summer Pajamas from The Mother Huddle

Mother Huddle Summer Pajamas

Remember my crazy idea that kids don’t need flame-retardant pajamas? Because of that, I usually try to sew my kids a couple of pairs of pajamas each winter and summer. The pajamas are rarely that complicated (although they can be!), not with pillowcases so easy to turn into nightgowns and T-shirt sleeves so easy to turn into leggings.

This spring, however, my older kid has shot up in height, and I’ve got so many new items of play clothes to sew for her that I’m already bored with the usual sleep-shorts-and-shirt combo that’s my usual summer pajamas project. I think, instead, that I’m going to sew both kids these summer romper pajamas from The Mother Huddle. They’re one-piece, made of jersey knit, with stretch lace at the shoulders, and they look about as cool and comfy as it’s possible for a pair of summer pajamas to look.

And my favorite part, now that my kids are older than that 6 months-4T target age that all the mommy bloggers seem to like to sew and share their patterns for, is that the tutorial from The Mother Huddle doesn’t require pattern pieces! Jersey knit has a lot of give, and it’s not super hard to cut out an armscye, so the instructions for how to cut the pieces, and the illustrations that are backed by a gridded cutting mat so that you can SEE how they’re cut, look totally doable for me.

One suggestion from the Comments that I’m definitely going to implement is to substitute FOE for the stretch elastic. I also *want* to try to piece these summer pajamas from old T-shirts (my younger daughter would FREAK OUT for Captain America pajamas, and I have the perfect thrifted XL T-shirt to use for this), but since the pajamas are pieced down the middle, I’m thinking that there’s no way to preserve a T-shirt graphic on the front of the pajamas without appliqueing it over the top–this project would work better, probably, with a plain or patterned T-shirt, not a graphic one.

Okay, I have now officially talked more about children’s pajamas than I ever thought that I would before I had children. Does flame retardant bother you, too? If so, what do you do about your kids’ pajamas?

[Image belongs to The Mother Huddle]

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