Green Crafter Profile: My Mom’s Basement

Atlanta crafter Emilee Heath started My Mom’s Basement as an outlet for her and her friend Justin’s zines. When her grandmother, also a crafter, gave Emilee a sewing box full of beautiful vintage buttons, her crafting turned to jewelery.

Soon after that she inherited her great grandmother’s sewing kit with even more gorgeous vintage buttons, many of them still on their original cards. She says that vintage materials inspire her to give them a new life and show them off! “Kind of like you when you find something amazing on Etsy and you just have to show it to everyone you know.”

Why, yes! I know exactly what that’s like. It’s sort of like running across this fantastical upcycled Watermelon Bling necklace. You just have to show it off!

Emilee focuses on working with vintage materials, because it feels less wasteful and has more heart:

I try to work primarily with vintage because the items seem to have a life and story of their own. […] I feel there is just a LOT of stuff out there. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like stuff and I buy stuff and I make stuff, but I would much rather recreate the stuff that already exists rather than birthing a lot of new stuff into existence.

Besides if I didn’t upcycle these amazing vintage materials no one else would get to enjoy them.

If you want to check out all of Emilee’s jewelry along with Justin’s photography and their collaborative zines, hit up My Mom’s Basement’s Etsy shop!

[Photos courtesy of My Mom’s Basement. Used with permission.]

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