Green Crafter Profile: Wooly Baby

Wooly Baby slippers

Wooly Baby makes adorable eco-friendly slippers for kids that are made from recycled wool sweaters and leather jackets.

Josie Marsh started making these upcycled slippers when her daughter starting to walk in November of 2008 and has continued to create adorable baby shoes ever since. She said, “I’m finding that people really value an eco-friendly product, so it is worth the time and effort to find used (or otherwise eco-friendly) materials to incorporate into your craft.”

Wooly Baby Slippers

Made from cast off sweaters and leathers jackets, Marsh finds her material of choice mostly at thrift stores. Any scraps left over, she finds other crafters who can use the felted wool scraps (the majority of her scraps) and gives them away. Though she admits she’s still looking for a home for jacket linings, asking “in case anyone can use them.”

And just for fun, here’s a great tutorial on how to make wool pants from a sweater! Thanks Josie! You can find out more about Wooly Baby on their Etsy shop and all about Marsh’s eco-roots here. (PDF)

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