Crafters We Love: Pink Flamingo Ephemera and a Giveaway!

Crafters We Love: Pink Flamingo Ephemera and a Giveaway!

Are you guys ready to meet another awesome crafter we’re featuring on our Crafters We Love series? Today, we’d love for you to meet Pink Flamingo Ephemera!

Now that you’ve officially met each other, let me tell you a little bit about Pink Flamingo Ephemera. According to Wikipedia, ephemera is, “any transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved.” Although their original purpose wasn’t to be preserved, I’m so glad Laura at Pink Flamingo Ephemera preserves and sells these beautiful vintage papers and materials! Head to her Etsy shop and you’ll find pages of incredible vintage materials that any crafter, scrapbooker, card-maker, or vintage lover would fall head-over-heels in love with. Each ephemera pack tells a story and is one of a kind. With all of that said, I had the opportunity to interview Laura about Pink Flamingo Ephemera. Read our interview below and then enter the giveaway to win 3 ephemera packs of your own!

CAGW: How did Pink Flamingo Ephemera get started?

PFE: I’ve always loved old books and interesting objects and couldn’t bear to throw them away. Collecting things is something I’ve done since I was little, my mum says I even collected sweet wrappers because I liked the colours! I don’t like to just keep them for the sake of it and as I’ve always liked to make things. I combined the two to create decorations and greeting cards. This is something that carried on as I grew up and I started to sell my creations online, at fairs and in shops. Although I love all the papers I rescue, I couldn’t possibly use them all (or they might not be suitable for what I make) so I also started to create paper ephemera packs for other crafters to get the pleasure of using them too.

CAGW: What attracts you to eco-friendly materials?

PFE: Although being eco-friendly is a big bonus, I like old materials because they have a character about them and reflect the time in which they were produced. Books, magazines, leaflets, tickets, postcards and photos all give you a glimpse into past times and what was important then and it’s nice to be able to remember that today. It’s also nice to know that these objects become part of our lives now instead of hiding away and being forgotten or filling up bins somewhere.

Crafters We Love: Pink Flamingo Ephemera and a Giveaway!CAGW: Tell us about the items you sell and why you’re passionate about them.

PFE: In my ephemera shop I sell various paper packs, collage packs, embellishments, book plates, maps, mixed ephemera packs and postcards. I choose items that are beautiful or have a nostalgia about them, and often keep some to one side for my own crafting! I love the idea of finding unique items and being able to rescue the parts that crafters will like so anyone can use them to create their own special pieces. Although I buy and use new supplies myself as well as old papers, there’s something special about truly vintage supplies.

CAGW: Is there anything else we should know about Pink Flamingo Ephemera?

PFE: As well as selling ephemera, I also write tutorials on how to use it in various projects which can be found on my blog. And if you’re interested in a pack in my shop but are wondering what you could use it for, I’m always happy to give you some ideas if you send me a message!

CAGW: Where can people find your work?

PFE: To buy paper ephemera: For tutorials: For news: For items I make and sell using ephemera:


Can you imagine everything you could create with these ephemera packs? I’m envisioning map projects with their vintage map packs, DIY comic book wallpaper with their comic book ephemera packs, and sheet music projects with their vintage piano music sheets pack.

Pink Flamingo Ephemera is giving away 3 packs of your choice from their shop! Just enter through the Rafflecopter below to win!

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6 thoughts on “Crafters We Love: Pink Flamingo Ephemera and a Giveaway!”

  1. If I won, I would definitely choose teh 1960s Cookery paper, the vintage bird decoupage kit and the mixed pack of maps.
    Thanks and good luck to me! lol

  2. Always love seeing Pink Flamingo’s creations and tutorials in the newsletters, the Etsy shop is very tempting and I could use the ephemera packs in my own creations πŸ™‚

    If I was lucky enough to win I would choose:
    Vintage Bird Decoupage pack
    Music Hall Pack
    Mixed ephemera pack

  3. It is so difficult to choose…..but if I had too…the Vintage Bird package, Victorian paper, and the New Zealand Scrapbook. I <3 Ephemera.

  4. If I was lucky enough to win, I’d choose:
    The selection of maps,
    The vintage bird collection, and
    The selection of black and white coming book squares

    Thanks x

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