Meet Crunchy Scott: Our newest writer!

Meet Crunchy Scott!

Meet Crunchy Scott!

Scott Meeks – aka Crunchy Scott – is the newest member of the CAGW team, and we are so happy that he is here!

Did you guys notice the super awesome tooth fairy craft that we posted yesterday? That is the first of many tutorials coming up from our newest writer: Scott Meeks. You might know him as Crunchy Scott from his guest post where he shared his video tutorial for making a DIY miniature terrarium.

Terrarium DIY by Scott Meeks aka Crunchy Scott

We were super sad when Bonnie Getchell left CAGW a few months ago to focus on her music career and doing social media for a local antique shop. Bonnie is a superstar, and when she told me and Julie that she was leaving, we knew that she would be hard to replace.

Last month, we changed things up a bit around here, and it felt like it was time to look at possibilities to fill Bonnie’s shoes. Scott was our first choice, and we are so happy to have him on the CAGW team! He’s a champion upcycler, and he produces beautiful, funny, and fun craft videos to go along with many of his projects.

Welcome aboard, Scott! We can’t wait to see what awesome upcycled goodness you share with us next.

If you can’t wait until Scott’s next tute, you can also check out his YouTube channel, which is full of awesome video craft projects, recipes, and cocktails. Yes, cocktails. Like this Facts of Life themed cocktail recipe made with from-scratch peach-ginger syrup:

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