Green Crafter Profile: Sea Find Designs

Tracy Prince of Sea Find Designs transforms pieces of found sea glass into beautiful jewelry and jewelry supplies.

She and her family make daily trips to the beach near their Rhode Island home to hunt down bits of glass shaped by the ocean’s currents. Tracy calls Sea Find Designs “a family affair,” since the whole Prince family is involved in much of her process. She says she’s drawn to sea glass because:

It’s gorgeous, why would you throw anything usable away! It’s free, I get to go to the beach for my work! And…. the end result is… I’m doing my part to save the Earth for my kids….. It’s my responsibility!

What a beautiful way to do your part! Tracy also uses recycled packaging to ship her goodies. Check out some more of her lovely pieces after the jump!

Tracy calls sea glass “an art…Man can not duplicate what mother nature has perfected!” I couldn’t agree more!

Not only does she make jewelry, she lists small collections of sea glass in her shop’s supplies section, so you can get crafting with sea glass, too! I’m pretty taken with this cheery green selection of what Tracy calls Re-Glassβ„’. Using a non toxic etching method, Tracy smooths out imperfections in the glass, then drills each piece so it can hang as a pendant. In some pieces, she drills the holes so they can work as beads or as buttons!

I’m also totally digging this chunky Big Blue Sea necklace! Her sister Elena found the piece of glass while Tracy was visiting her in Malibu, and I just love the color and shape of it:

You can find Tracy’s work in the Sea Find Designs Etsy shop. She has a second shop, Stepping Stones, dedicated to found stone jewelry, which is also available at some online and brick and mortar shops in the US and Canada.

[All images courtesy of Sea Find Designs. Used with permission.]

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