50 DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts You Need to See!

50 DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts You Need to See!Do you love toilet paper roll crafts as much as we do? Today we’re sharing 50 projects that you need to see!

I have an unhealthy obsession with toilet paper roll crafts. Friends and family even collect toilet paper rolls for me so I can make more crafts with them! I like them because, well, pretty much everyone has access to toilet paper rolls. With that said, you’ll want to start collecting (or hoarding) toilet paper rolls after you see these incredible DIY toilet paper rolls crafts.

Cardboard and Toilet Paper Tube Tree

1. Cardboard and toilet paper roll tree

2. Toilet paper roll wall art

3. Make a toilet paper roll cuff

4. DIY toilet paper roll yarn holders

5. TP wreath

Toilet Paper Roll Shamrock

6. Toilet paper roll shamrock

7. Toilet paper tube snake

8. Recycled toilet roll curtain

9. Toilet paper roll apples

10. Toilet paper roll leaf tree

Toilet Paper Christmas Lights

11. Christmas lights

12. Book page pillow boxes

13. 7 steps to starting a garden with seedlings in TP rolls

14. Make a heart stamp

15. Toilet paper roll valentine

Toilet Paper Roll "Firecrackers"

16. Recycled “firecrackers” from TP rolls

17. TP wall art

18. Door frame decor

19. TP flower wreath (use recycled cardboard as a wreath form instead of foam)

20. DIY vent/grate cover

Holiday Craft: Poinsettia ornament from a toilet paper tube

21. Poinsettia Christmas ornament from a toilet paper tube

22. Faux metal wall art

23. Toilet paper roll transformed into favor boxes

24. Cardboard stars

25. Make a stunning lamp from toilet paper rolls

DIY Napkin Rings from a Paper Tube and Washi Tape

26. Cardboard roll napkin rings

27. Make TP animals

28. Toilet paper roll Christmas trees

29. DIY toilet paper roll lamp shade

30. Toilet paper roll party crowns

Toilet Paper Tube Toy Binoculars

31. Toilet paper roll binoculars

32. Painting circles with toilet paper rolls

33. Toilet paper roll Frankenstein craft

34. Make a music shaker

35. Store hair clips on an empty TP tube

Easter Bunny Candy Holder from a Toilet Paper Roll

36. Easter bunny candy holder

37. Paper roll beads

38. TP roll bird feeder

39. Embroidery toilet paper roll napkin rings

40. Make a toilet paper roll “watch”

DIY Toilet Paper Tube Christmas Candle Cover

41. Transform classic Christmas “candles” with toilet paper rolls

42. Turn a medicine bottle and TP rolls into a vase

43. 5 easy and fun TP roll activities

44. Make a bee honeycomb

45. Toilet paper roll castles

Make a Toilet paper Roll Bat

46. Make a toilet paper roll bat

47. Yarn covered TP bracelet

48. Polka dot cardboard tube tulips

49. Burlap and toilet paper roll napkin rings

50. Toilet paper roll music notes

Are there any awesome toilet paper roll crafts missing from the list? If so, share them with us! We’d love to pin them to our Pinterest boards!

[Photo credit: Toilet Rolls Stack via Shutterstock; text added]

74 thoughts on “50 DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts You Need to See!”

  1. I can’t get behind using something that has the filthy germs from the bathroom right next to the toilet, for things like food or for kids to play with.You do know that when a toilet is flushed part of the water and the contents are vaporized, right? If the lid isn’t down it can spread up to three feet away. Onto your tooth brush, your makeup, your soap, your floors and counters. So putting that crappy stuff on your dinner table doesn’t appeal to me at all.Paper towel rolls, sure but toilet paper rolls? EW!

    1. I definitely don’t want you to do anything that you’re uncomfortable with, but no, the thought doesn’t personally bother me. I’d like a toilet paper tube, no prob.

    2. Brenda I agree about the toilet paper rolls ewE!! So I have saved up paper towel rolls that have not been neat the bathroom nor anything germy! you can cut these down to size as you wish! So enjoy these wonderful crafts with your kids this way!

    3. I think there are a lot more real concerns than this, seriously I like to be clean but I am glad I am not that uptight.

    4. How long do you leave an empty paper roll sitting there? Don’t most folks replace them with a full roll once the empty core is left? And I get the info about the water vaporizing, but the paper is always covering the roll until it is time to change it, right?

    5. Are you aware every time you touch a doorknob, push a grocery cart, etc. unless you use a sanitary wipe, surfaces are covered with germs. Also consider the hundreds of people walking around you in a store; sitting beside you in a movie theater-you are breathing their exhaled breath- Jr. has a cold, Jr’s coming down with flu; kids have their fingers in their mouth, then touch a grocery item, mommy tells them to leave it alone—–is everything sanitized again??? You’d probably get terribly sick if you were aware of all that happens that you do not see……………….

  2. I would feel the same way –BUT–the crafts I use them for are all sprayed with paint after being assembled. they make beautiful crosses for on the wall and nice gift. I feel the paint covers any germs that might be there.

  3. All the germ comments. Seriously?! We really can get over the “Germ-free” obsession. We live on a living planet. You inhale/touch/eat worse on a daily basis in every environment. Get over it. ugg.

    1. Lynne
      You are so right. If people only knew how many germs they come in contact with on a daily basis, even in their own homes, they’d be amazed. They’re going to worry about germs on a tp roll! Omg, I didn’t wipe my butt with the tissue tube for goodness sakes. Hahaha

      1. Crystal Garwood

        Living in a bubble with absolutely no germs to be seen actually can make people sicker when they finally do become in contact with a germ. Our bodies make anybody to fight off germs. If our body is not used to making these antibodies to fight off the germs then our bodies have no use to try to make the antibodies. Which in turn these you with the dilemma of the germs doing whatever they want to you because you sheltered yourself for making the antibodies so long.
        Craft away with toilet rolls, craft your way with mud pies, drink out of the hose when you’re on your break. Trust me, if we have survived this long on this planet, then we will keep surviving even with the germs.
        I absolutely love all these ideas. And I think I might make my own fragrant sachet bags out of them. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! ♥️

  4. At Christmas I use them to make star ornaments by making deep cuts evenly all the way round, then cutting each slit into a point. Fold the points out flat and pop onto the end of a branch, no need for string. You could paint them if you wanted to, but our tp rolls are white on the inside so I’ve never bothered.

  5. You all know your kitchen is probably dirtier than your bathroom right? Besides if we don’t start recycling more,this old world will be so full of trash you won’t have to worry about germs in your bathroom! Just saying

  6. I appreciate all the cute ideas given…I love to do crafts with my grandchildren, all 22 of them.
    * If there are those who don’t feel comfortable using tp rolls, by all means use the paper towel rolls. Let’s be nice…this wonderful lady was just trying to share some craft ideas repurposing things we all have around our homes. I for one enjoyed reading and seeing all the cute pics.
    Keep sharing! =)

  7. If u feel uncomfortable using toilet paper rolls, there is such a thing call Lysol spray, to kill any germs! I have mine saved in a box and all u have to do is spray inside the box with a disinfectatior and close the lid!!

  8. Urine is sterile. If u keep your toilet clean shouldn’t be a problem there. Never saw poop vaperize before. If you are so worried abt germs look at your cell phone. Your own mouth is way more filthy then that poor tp roll. Door handles are also more germy then that toilet paper roll. Maybe you need to read more. Or try working at a hospital as I did. Ignorance is bliss I always say.

    1. Urine is only sterile until a bladder infection occurs. And, no, I don’t have a fear of using toilet paper rolls for craft projects. I especially liked the Easter Bunny candy holder! Happy Crafting!!

  9. Your ideas are really fun. Boy ,I’d hate to live in such an uptight state. Be aware, do what you can do. But not right to tear another person down.

  10. Germs can’t live on a dry surface for very long. So unless you keep your toilet paper rolls moist, should be no problem. Of course, use what you are comfortable with, I get the “ick factor” here; but it really shouldn’t be much cause for health concern.

  11. This is a wonderful site you have put a lot of time and effort into it to help parents with their children. I am not creative so I need sites like this to help me think of things to do with my grandchildren. Thank You so much. Now for everyone who has turned this site into a germ problem I have to say I am amazed at people. It is common sense if you don’t like something change it yourself but this poor women’s page is not for posting your germ problems. You should be thanking her for her time and effort.

  12. I’m going to try some these crafts. Thank you for posting. Forget about all the stupid people who just want to put you down. Keep posting…love your ideals.

  13. if you fold the middle of the toilet paper roll you can use it for a heart shape.You can use it like a heart shape stamp.

  14. Glenys Forrester

    love a lot of the ideas – and have been making basic stuff with my kids from them for years and never ever had anyone ill, you can also use rolls from plastic wrap & alfoil as well. If your paranoid about germs – you can spray them with Glen 20 or similar. of course it is all up to us individuals to make the decision to use or not – I will be trying to make some no worries

  15. Very cute ideas!!! Have been saving rolls for a while and the Grandaughters love to do crafts!!! Me …I like the flowers over the door!!!

  16. For those of you who complained about the use of toilet paper rolls all I can say is that your bathrooms must be rather dirty. Are you so environmentally friendly that you also use the cardboard rolls as you would use the paper? Hmmm. Item used after the corn cob?

  17. I would guess thar the hands working with the toilet paper rolls come with far more germs than the oiler paper rolls

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  19. love the ideas thanks for sharing will be using toiletpaper rolls, paper towel rolls, and wrapping paper rolls. Lot of fun again thank u

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  21. What types of TP tubes are good for crafts? I currently use Cottonelle and there is so much TP glued to the tube, it’s impossible to remove it all. Any “clean” brands out there before I go out and try every brand? Thanks!

  22. I find it interesting in every one’s comments but about the germ part I should say that we r living in a world full of parasites and bacteria anything we touch or hold is contaminated even to the wares that are put up, the shower, brooms etc they r everywhere do if you take it serious then u should be wearing a full sterile suit and gloves all day long… Lol

  23. I took the paper towel one cut them filled with a prize & treat . Then paper wrapped them with a theme ( this was a cruise theme) & ribbon. Place next to each place setting for a fashion show gift

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  26. I have OCD. lol You do not use the tp roll to wipe your butt. I am an Activities person in a nursing and rehab facility, I use these all the time. They are great for crafts. There are germs everywhere. If you are that germaphobic, wash your hands.

  27. Anula Rupesinghe

    Thank you for all the great ideas you share with what goes into the bin. As for germs it is everywhere. A place or a thing can look clean as ever but it is not germ free.

  28. I must have seen some project somewhere after Christmas last year so I started saving with no special plan in mind

    If I can hide and save them before hubby burns them great. We have
    3 bathrooms. I probably have 150 now
    And my granddaughter loves to do crafts. Gotta figure out what we should make

  29. I make toilet roll fire logs. I stuff one until it’s really tight then with all the left over wax from candles including babybel cheese wax, I melt them and dip the toilet roll into the wax. During winter I use the logs in my chiminea! That way I recycle 2 things and benefit from the logs.

  30. Money is one of the dirtiest things we come in contact with. I worked at a convenience store a few years ago as a cashier; a man came in to make a purchase with money that was so dirty and stinky that my boss told the man that put up the stock to go wash the money.

  31. You have wonderful ?s. And I haven’t laughed so hard in my life at the clean freaks. Thanks. And for Mary Peterson we use Sam’s club Members mark it doesn’t stick to the roll much at all.

  32. I know the germ comments r not recent, but I would like to provide some thought provoking info that I hope helps everyone to understand that the risk of exposure to germs using tp rolls for crafts does not put us at high risk for germ exposure:

    ? In 2012 a University of Arizona Researcher found that 72% of shopping cart handles contained traces of fecal matter and 52% contained traces of E.coli. The handles of shopping carts r dirtier than most bathrooms!!!
    ? In a 1/2019 article in Time Magazine, it was stated that research has shown that our personal cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat does.

    I have seen far more youngsters with cell phones in their mouths than I have chewing on a craft made out of tp roll.

    We live in a dirty dirty world!!! SMILES ?

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  35. “Pretty much everyone has access to toilet paper rolls”. (Clearly this post was pre-coronavirus)

  36. One to add to the craft list Christmas garland. Cut Tp rolls into 3 or 4 rounds (or paper towel rolls into more).
    You can spray paint now or when finished.
    Half of the rounds cut the round. Use those as the linkage to link two rounds together. Use either glue or staples to reconnect the links it’s ends. Continue until you have the length you want. Then tie some cord to the end to make it easier to secure to whatever you want to decorate.

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