Crafts for Kids: A Toilet Paper Roll Bat!

Make a Toilet paper Roll Bat

Crafts for Kids: A Toilet Paper Roll Bat!

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween craft for kids, or even a craft for a school lesson on bats, we have you covered!

From transforming classic Christmas “candles” with toilet paper rolls to toilet paper roll Valentines, it’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with toilet paper roll crafts. Naturally, it was time for me to create a Halloween themed toilet paper roll craft!

What You Will Need:

1. 1 toilet paper roll

2. Scissors

3. A black marker or crayon

4. A small piece of recycled white paper. I used a junk mail envelope.

5. Hot glue gun/hot glue

6. School glue. If you can, use eco glue!

How To Do It:

1. Color the entire toilet paper roll black. If you’re feeling brave, you could have your children paint the rolls instead.

2. Cut an inch off of one side of the toiler paper roll. This will become the body of your bat.

3. With the remaining portion of the toilet paper roll, cut down the middle and lay it flat.

Crafts for Kids: A Toilet Paper Roll Bat!

4. Then, draw and cut out your bat wings. You should now have the following pieces:

Crafts for Kids: A Toilet Paper Roll Bat!

5. Make the face of the bat with your recycled white paper.

Crafts for Kids: A Toilet Paper Roll Bat!

6. Create a small fold at the end of each of your bat wings. Then, hot glue the fold to the side of the bat “body.” Of course, you won’t want any little hands on the hot glue gun– so adults, make sure you’re in charge of this step! School glue might work for the bat wings, but hot glue adheres so much faster.

This is quite possibly the only bat in the world that I think is adorable (real bats look scary to me!). You could hang several bats from your ceiling so it appears that they’re flying or you could use them as eco-friendly napkin rings!

What would you do with toilet paper roll bats?Β Oh, and if you’re already thinking about kids crafts for Thanksgiving, make sure you pin our toilet paper roll turkey for later!


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