4th of July Craft: Recycled “Firecrackers”

4th of July Crafts

4th of July Craft: Recycled "Firecrackers"

Last year I made Eco-Friendly “Sparklers” to decorate for the 4th of July. This year, I created colorful recycled “firecrackers” using items that you probably already have in your craft stash! Here’s how you can make your own:

What You Will Need:

1. Three toilet paper rolls

2. Recycled paper. I used book pages.

3. Crayons

4. Recycled felt. You could felt an old sweater instead of buying recycled felt as well.

5. Scissors

6. Tape

7. Hot glue/hot glue gun

8. Wire. I used a red floral wire that I had on hand.

9. A hole punch

How To Do It:

1. I used one toilet paper roll and one paper towel roll for this project. First, I cut the paper towel roll into two pieces. One longer piece and one shorter piece. I wanted to have “firecrackers” that varied in height (shown below). This is completely optional, though.

4th of July Craft: Recycled "Firecrackers"

2. Color your recycled paper.

4th of July Craft: Recycled "Firecrackers"

3. Wrap the recycled paper around your toilet paper rolls and secure it with tape. Then, cut off any excess paper from the bottom of the roll.

4th of July Craft: Recycled "Firecrackers"

4. Draw and cut out three stars from your recycled felt. Hot glue the stars to the front of each firecracker.

5. Punch a hole in the back of the firecrackers.

6. With your wire, create the spiral shape at the top and then insert it through the hole like so:

4th of July Craft: Recycled "Firecrackers"

This is probably the most difficult and time-consuming part, but once you get through the first one, the rest are easy!

These would be adorable as a centerpiece or decoration at your 4th of July party, right? Where would you use your firecrackers? If you’re looking for more 4th of July ideas, check out these 5 Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas for the Fourth of July.

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